17 January 2015 became hectic day in my life. My older sister get married.
I still cant believe that she already married even until now

I remember like 3 years before (which i feel like yesterday) , i always tease her why she never get in relationship. I always tease if she dont introduce her bf to me i will register her to short of dating agency. But yeah… now she have boyfriend i mean husband and she happy.

Feel happy either to my older sister. I always happy whenever she feel happy.

Feel so “cetar” because fake eyelash. I love how super power fake eyelash is


In her special day which made me hectic because im became bride maid… But never mind i became her maid , because i feel a bit sad after thinking back i never treat her better. I always became such bitch little sister tease her a lot , not mean i became not polite or look her down. Is just because i have so much have fun when tease her

And she , like always let me to tease her a lot. I know she let me do that , because she actually can angry when i tease her but when i remember again she never angry , whenever i said whenever i bring any tease to her she always smile as feed back.

Yeah i bless have such a older sister so nice like that. And i hope her husband treat her nice





Because its too busy. Many thing to do , what i have is only picture in back stage. Family and my older sister which complete her make up.

Rest of picture all at event organizer , i want their picture to share with you guys , but seems i need be passion because they will not give directly i must waiting , and because i hate i just post like this simple but for me still have a lot of story

Even not manage take a picture with my sis but manage to take a picture with her husband… HAHA i been super enjoying talking with selfie with someone who already became my family , but im not that close with him. Is weird but yeaaaa


And for my sis who maybe stalk my blog but never tell to me… Here my some message that i never tell you by person because i to shy in case i will cry. And i bet i will cry if i send this message my self

Hi ci!
I know you been talking to me before you always wanted to made blog , writing about something. Which you already do secretly but its end like nothing . But guess what who always blogging now? Me!!! I think is called relationship right? Never mind…

Anyway congtraz to your wedding , you know why i want to tell you by personal to for just said “congtaz for your wedding” i feel i wanna cry , who will imagine you will be marriage? I always tease you i will marriage first and you will be my bride maid and look now , who became bride maid and who wedding…

Im not said this because im hate you or dont like your wedding. Im feel bless enough that you marriage with someone who you care so much. I know how you love story , is never easy. So be happy. Always remember why you want marriage him when you feel upset about him. Always remember how you love you boyfriend which now became your husband now

Seriously….. I dont know what i talking about , is such a jerk now. Thx for letting me tease you for many time , thx for always became my kind older sister , thx for all thing you done for me , simple or bigger. Now you have your own family. . Dont worry about me , i will find my way soon…

Thx for everything and sorry for everything

Ps : Your wedding present i will send as soon as possible

From : You younger sister who always tease you a lot but love you even more


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Deserve or No

Life is weird

Talk about life is interesting topic for me. I dont know i really like talking about life , you know life what happen around you and what people thinking , how people thinking like that and stuff. For me is interesting topic , topic you never end to talk…

And today  i just wake up around 8 AM and thinking about life. Thinking something about life is really big stress for me , even is interesting but somehow i feel stress full.

With sleepy head , i scream for come back to sleep again because is really good for sleep , is cloudy outside and still morning but im push my self to wake up because i have promise with nemo for go with her. So i must wake up , but before wake up i decide to post what i always thinking.

“I Dont deserve a lot of love like this , im just nobody without any special ability why i have a lot of love…?”

I talk about my parents. In case you really curious why i suddenly talking about something heavy like this in morning. But yeah… Is about my parents. I get a lot of love more than i deserve ,  i really curious how can like this. Im not good kid , but im not bad kid too yeah i not always listen what they said , i even make them upset for A LOT of time. But i think is normal , i think its outside a lot of child like me. Is it? HAHAHA

Even no one more worse than me , okay lets say im worse. But seriously i get a lot of love from my parent , A LOT than i deserve.

But this case is not only for parent. Sometimes you will see you will love someone so much , like Boyfriend / Girlfriend. Even a lot of people around you , said forget he/she because she/he not deserve have your love.  But without care you will love them like crazy. Is always happen. Around me too.

And this case im just curious for who you read this love someone without care anything just love , give he/she a lot of love , even people around you said he/she do not deserve , why you do this?

“Why you give A LOT someone who not deserve your love?”
“Why i get A LOT of love even im not deserve for that?”

Hi Shanghai!

Shanghai im here! Already leave here for 1 week , seriously is like living here 1 month and more. Time go super slowly here , wanna go home as soon as possible but im scary i regret what i wish , maybe when im already come back to my home im regret and want to come back to Shanghai again. Fiuh…

Last week my parents accompany me to Jakarta for take flight to Shanghai. We waiting around 4 or 5 hours. Is kinda made me super tired just for waiting.

Maybe is because not waiting too , but i want to say good bye to my parents and its kinda hard. But i will see them next year so im not worry too much now , but before i wanna cry , of course im not crying! I dont want to be mama girl and for priority reason because i dont want made them worry.

I will miss my parents so much! Not only them , but my whole family , best friend and my little puppy who already being older right now memei.



Always love my dork mom!


Even now i feel time go super slowly , but i know time go super fast. Is just my feel at this time because i home sick. But later when im already feel comfortable with Shanghai , time will go super fast and that time i must say good bye to Shanghai.

Im kinda learning something in this condition. Enjoy what you have before you must leave what you have at that time. Is not easy to have a deal with this condition , but if is easy life will be boring . Feel pain like this made me stronger , and its what i want. I want feel so much pain , cause i know when im move on i already to be good person!






Dinner Treat

When im was a child 24 hours each day , such a long long day , but now after i grow up very well 24 hours each day is not enough. I think i need more than 24 hours , 46 maybe enough. TIme really go so fast and somehow its made me scary , i dont want to be old as soon as possible. Im not ready enough!

But even i dont want , even im not ready but time never ever stop. So i must face the reality!

Talk about time , i think its just like yesterday im come back to my country , my hometown. Meet my best friend and family and now i must say good bye to them. Leave for first time its not hard , but for second time argh… I dont wanna leave them! Hiks.. but i can do anything , its only few month i leave them (even i dont sure about this one) but yeah someday i believe i will meet them again!

And super thank to BIG GOD who made a smart human who made skype , line , etc. At least i  still can see and talk with my family and friend.

Because i just count day for leaving , my super good grandmother treat me dinner! Super happy lorr… I really love my grandmother , since many of my friend dont have healthy grandmother like i have , so im super excited and happy!

We choice to eat steak , one of my grandmother favorite menu. And she really like eat steak here. I dont want to mention name of restaurant for many reason! But if you live in Bandung , you must be know where i eat since Bandung is not big enough.

Our food!



For me i just order Tenderloin Steak with BBQ sauce and my grandmother and my mother share one steak called Ribs Steak with BBQ sauce , and we order some mass potato cause i really love mass potato so much!

But guess what , im regret to order extra mass potato. Why? Mass potato we order  , im not kidding is cold. And i dont like when i eat my food is cold , in my imagine i just imagine i eat not fresh food. Even i know mass potato never ever being fresh food , but still the best if mass potato is warm right? So i get really disappointed with mass potato.

Our drink!



For drink  i get lemon squash and taste is not bad at all. Like normal lemon squash. And my grandmother order avocado juice , not bad and not good enough so so laa. Like normal drink in every restaurant

After all my grandmother really satisfied with our dinner. For me i dont satisfied or disappointed enough. I enjoy eat the steak , steak really good. BBQ sauce here its not kidding damn good! But for cold mass potato im kinda disappointed.

I already hope for good mass potato but yeah…


Like usually i dont eat vegetable. Even my mom always tell to me to eat more vegetable i still dont like it. I know vegetable is really good for your body but i still prefer to eat fruit than vegetable!

Mom Nom Nom


My grandmother with her favorite juice , avocado juice!



Me and Mom , she like my mom really satisfied with this dinner , it think only me who disappointed




Yeah if you see my purple hair already gone , only have grey hair. Mei you ban fa since purple its easy color to lost. I will searching another hair color !




Cute Overloade My Sky!

Recently come back from SH , and what i get. My cute nephew visit me in Sunday morning… Uh why you so cute huh? Here name is Sky , she is my nephew , if you check my ig maybe you already see her picture. And this time is her second time visit me , still cute , innocent , and have big stomach! She eat many thing!


Dont know why , how can she can be super adorable like this. She dont have any idea i take her picture , i just boring and see my camera beside me , so yeah try to taking her picture cause she super adorable kid. Since she kid , all kid is adorable right?


Playing with mom , sorry mom , i crop you because you not cute kekeke



Try to search taste snack , because so many food at table , she still looking , but of course as parents we still must watching her , she cant eat what she want cause she still kid. But still with hope (maybe) she try to begging to us to give her some snack , like we eat.



Try hard to begging to parents to get snack


Her mom keep watching her hahaha


Poor Sky even she already begging , she got nothing , so she leave us kekeke



Have some kid visitor from my family , made me realize im not kid anymore. In my big family from my mom side im the younger , but not anymore since i have nephew and also niece , even im often see my niece but never mind.

For me its like yesterday im like that size (nephew size i mean) , now im already big like not , im less cute of course. Less attention because i can take care my self. Many different think happen to me since im not kid anymore , which good or bad side depending which side you want to see. In short word i wanna said , time go super fast. Take care your family when while you can , dont someday when they leave you you regret because you never do any good think to them.


I just wonder by my self how long i have been update my own blog! Its such a long long time!

 Maybe already 1 week more i dont blog anything , not because i dont have
anything to blog , i HAVE MANY THING to blog! Seriously , but i dont have time
As you can said im “busy” right now!


This week i already started exam , and what i do of course study like crazy!
I will study if i have exam , im kinda a person like that , but seriously its not
only me , i bet many people like me! You study if you have exam!

I dont want to lie its hard to study in short time! Like me , i really
have hard time right now , i must learn like 100 more maybe new
world chinesse! Its slowly killing me


Even i already learn , im kind a person who easy to forget
so even i learn many times , i will forget so easy so i must like
study more hard than other people , but i do! I really really study hard here!

Anyway…. Maybe few week ago i have like good chat with my grandmother , for first time
she know how to using skype because my mom. Of course she surprise but im enjoy it skype with her!

SAM_4443 SAM_4444 SAM_4445 SAM_4446

My grandmother look surprise and she dont know look at where. Like grandmother style i think!
Im enjoying talking with her , i really happy looking her! She looking super great! She not look super different
like when i last time looking her! So glad because that..

If you lookin in that picture you will see me taking my grandma picture with my camera kekeke
I want to take with screen caption or something like that , but i dont know how to do that! So
im just using like general think like this one!

This week i have exam and i have kind of free time called Golden Time who i never have
or hear in Indonesia , really good experience have Golden Time! i have many new experience
living in Shanghai alone , and im try to enjoy everything!