[Review] Argan Oil Conditioner Watsons

If you already stalk me for long long time , you know me that im really like changed my hair color . But maybe almost a year now i stop it and go to black so natural.

To be honest i feel not confident with my hair right now. I never like see my self with black hair color somehow i thinking its not me. But in other hand i cant see my hair became worse and worse.

So just give up dye hair and thinking for repair.

And thinking good thing for hair you cant forget argan oil there so many good thing in argant oil for help your hair getting more in good condition

So i been trying any kind of hair product include argan oil inside and these day i been trying this one from watson

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Compare to normal argan oil hair product this one i can said its cheap , its around 5 box. for this big bottle. So at first i bit scared about how real this product. I thinking its maybe not so real but not so fake becuase smell is totally like argan oil

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And i been trying this product , its does help my hair whenever i use , its feel my hair more softer and not shining after i use this product.

But that only for one day next day my hair come back to normal shape.

Well its hard to said do i like this product or no. Because it does help my hair became shine and smooth but not for long term , i think for long term i really need real argan oil. This work for temporary.

For you who wash hair everyday  maybe you can feel this one its good enough. And for you who have limit budget but need to help maintine your hair. You can go for this product. But if you have bad condition hair , very damaged and need long term repair this one its not good for you. Go for real argan oil or other product which more good and can help you hair for long term




[Review] Damaged defence Hair Mask Rudy Hadisuwarno



Setelah sekian lama aku nge bleaching rambut aku dan ngecatnya , aku baru sekarang sadar kalau rambut aku rusak . Sebenernya udah nyadar dari dulu sih rambut aku rusak , kering gitu cuman baru mengakui sekarang haha

Dulu memang aku jgua ngerawat rambut aku tapi nggak begitu aku rajinin sekarang aku mau ngerajinin karena aku takut makin rusak ajah

Biasanya untuk perawatan rambut aku suka ganti – ganti merek sih cuman biasanya aku pake produk luar kalo nggak dari Korea , dari Jepang. Tapi karena kemaren aku baru dapet produk lokal ini dari Rudy Hardisuarno , jadi aku pake deh

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Packagingnya sendiri menurut aku eum… biasa ajha nggak impress sama sekali dengan  packagingnya

Dan karena aku dapet ini produk aku nggak tau kalau mereka punya variant untuk apa ajah. Kalian bisa mungkin liat di google tapi untuk yang ini aku dapet yang buat rambut rusak. Cocok buat aku

Wanginya sendiri enak , untuk texturenya itu kaya paste gitu. Gampang di applikasiinya.

Kalau kalian mau tau gimana carnaya aku biasa pake produk ini , biasanya setiap aku abis mandi dan pake condition aku akan pake hair mask ini aku diemin sekitar 20 sampe 30 menit baru aku  basuh

Setelah pake hair mask ini aku ngerasa banget kalau rambut aku setiap pake ini jadi jatoh , dan keliatan perubahanya semakin sehat dan lemes , gampang diatur nggak mekar aneh gitu.

So far aku kaget dengan produk ini , aku nggak expect produk ini akan sebagus produk luar. Tapi aku ternyata salah produk ini bagus , bekerja dengan baik bikin rambut aku semakin sehat dan yang paling penting harganya terjangkau kalau aku nggak salah sekitaran 30.000 sampai 40.ribu

After all aku suka sama produk ini , kalau ditanya apa aku akan membelinya lagi. Aku pasti akan membelinya lagi


  • Produknya bekerja dengan baik , bikin rambut lembut , harus , dan less damaged
  • Gampang di applikasiin
  • Wanginya enak
  • Murah


  • Packaginya nggak lucu
  • Agak susah ditemuin , karena nggak semua super market jual produk ini




[Review] Tresemme Keratin Smooth

Because i always coloring my hair , maintain to keep look okay is all i need . For that i need vitamin a tons for vitamins for my hair

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Recently i been try this one , tresemme keratin smooth.

What you need is use this one before you use iron or hair dryer to protect you hair from damage from iron and hair dryer

For me im not use this before i use iron or hair dryer , whenever i want go out i will spray my hair with this hair protect. Why? Because i need to protect my hair from SUF and this product can do that

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They claim this product can protect you hair from iron and protect you 48 hours which mean 2 day from frizz hair

First time i  use i dont see any chance but after at least couple week i can see result , my hair is more look healty and doesnt look very dry

Texture is very light and you know the most favorite thing about this product is their smell , smell soooooo gooodddd

Well i can said i love this product , this product is really do great job , like they claim. But you know to bought again , i dont thing i will do that. Because i really curious about other product i believe in market there will product which more good than this one and what i need to find it

But yeah this one is great do very well and not to mention is pretty cheap. I bought this on around 3 box so yeapsss…


  • Protect your hair for any heat
  • Smell nice
  • Packaging is travel friendly
  • Cheap


  • Nope

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[Review] Batitste Dry Shampoo Original

If you living in US or asia but in big city you maybe have a tons of dry shampoo , but in here where im living dry shampoo is such uncommon thing. Btw i living in Indonesia if you dont know and most awful im living in not capital city but samll city so  which mean is so more rear to find dry shampoo. I can if i buy online  , but im to lazy to buy because i dont thing i really need

But few week ago when i just look around in market i found dry shampoo. It feel awwwwe asdf

I cant believe i can find dry shampoo here , so i just bought since maybe i need and my mom need because she have crazy hair color and she want it doest fade away so fast so yeah we need it

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Its called batiste , is super popular i saw a tons of youtuber and blogger mention about this shampoo is good and is cheap. It does cheap i got in 100K rupiah its called cheap laaa because if come to such good brand it will cost more. And it come with different smell.

I know the popular one is cherry but im not big fans of cherry i even cant eat cherry so yeah i got the original one. Is just smell like very clean , nothing very special is yeaah kinda fresh and clean smell.

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And i feel its good , when my hair feel super oily because im not wash my hair witht his one its help my scalp from oily and in same time its give a volume to my crown hair.

Over all its just good , do greet job and smell is really nice i dont have any special complain about this product.

FYI share this product with my mom , i use this product one time per 2 day and my mom use most everyday because she love how this product make his hair more volume because she can use foam or hair spray because its make her itch so yeah she stick with this product. But is still quiet a lot , is almost 1 month im use and it feel same a lot when i first bought

And maybe for you who have same case with my mom , you can try this product for make your hair more volume


  • Its remove all oily from your scalp
  • Give nice volume touch
  • Its quite a lot product
  • Cheap
  • Its come with different variant fragrant


  • If you living in indonesia you maybe will have hard time find this product

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[Review] Kerasys Elegance & Sensual Perfumed Shampoo

Did you know about get it beauty?
If not , its beauty tv show from korea. Mostly they talking about trend make up at that moment in korea , and some good stuff. I love to watching their show even i know its hard to find which have subs. But you know its about beauty , lets take with feel… so yeah most of time i watching their show without subs , but yeah take a feel and enjoy it.

Some of their ep i remember they introduce about new trend in korea called perfume shampoo. And all the mc look feel awesome with this product , so i try to find out if i can bought here or now , and yeah i can. So because i find and i bought so i  will review to you guys.

DSC00576_副本They have 3 different smells , but i got in purple or in elegance and sensual one , why? its just because they only have this one the rest its already out of stock. But i dont mind at all because this is not bad. Smell damn fucking good laaa



Other reason why i should buy this one because han chae young its became their ‘face’. If you dont know han chae young she its famous actress from korea , she in same level like han ga in , han ji won , ji hyun , etc. She pro and she fucking pretty

I remember when i was in junior high school , i watching her drama my sassy girl chun yang if im not wrong , uhhh.. At that moment she really pretty. How can she became she pretty like that?

Hands up if you han chae young fans like me , i will love you…!!!




So even its one bottle there have 3 kinda smell , like you can see in bottle. And smell its super perfect , its not strong but not too soft , so after couple hours you wash your hair , your hair still smells good

Btw i just got their shampoo , i asking if they have conditioner or no. But they not  sold it and the sales said its enough using this one because even you using this one only your hair will smooth like you apply conditioner. But in my case because my hair it to dry so its not working.

Maybe for you who have healthy or at least normal hair using this one without conditioner its already enough. But mine still need conditioner but you know even i apply conditioner i can sense smell of this shampoo. So i just feel super good with this  shampoo. Its smell damn good and yeah its smooth my hair for some reason. Ad you know its cost for 8 box for this big bottle , i think its good damn deal

Ah btw because i coloring my hair , i feel its can make my hair color more easy fade away , but surprise my hair look still good even i wash my hair almost everyday.


  • Smell very good
  • Even in one bottle they have 3 different smell
  • Because its called perfumed shampoo so they smell is more long lasting than normal shampoo


  • Its not for people who coloring they hair
  • A bit hard to find

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More Blue

If you stalk my blog from couple week ago , you must be remember that i mention recently i feel a bit blue , but that times somehow i dye my hair with red color. But now for sure i dye my hair became blue.

And now my hair is already blue my feel is more blue , but now its mix with a bit pink. Why pink? Is just wanna have pink hahaha.












Thinking to get a bit pink and a bit purple in future. What do you thinking guys? But first i hope my hair will grow up more faster. Im kinda sick with short hair.

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[Review] Moisture Egg Hair Pack Skin Food

Recently my friend told me that my hair its getting better. Even for someone who dont know me tell me how can you have such good hair in fact that i always change my hair color.

The answered its maintain , how i take care my hair its the answer. Im pretty sure my hair is not healty 100% , is damaged but for level person who like dye hair maybe may hair in category healthy.

Recently i been using this mask from skin food. Its my first time i using skin food as my hair product. But the result its really nice.






Its for damaged and dry hair and its claim can repair you hair from damaged by frequent perm and coloring. Is just what i need. At first i really want htis one because its for repair damaged from coloring , but they dont have any simple at store. I mean how if the smell is like jerk?

But without thinking , i just bought. Who care smell if it can help my hair? Its what i thinking that moment. And yeah it its its help my hair so much. But smell is like jerk like i expect. My first told me the smell is not that bad , but its is for me.

Kinda nice smell but smell if you sniff for a long time you will feel like wanna throw up. In my case its not my style.


Im bit a shock with texture. I expect its more thick but its come liquid. Its same like shampoo but the thick one.




But forget about that , the result its fantastic.

Usually i apply after i wash my hair , and apply mask all over my hair and leave around 10 minute , its said 5 minute but somehow its too less for me , so i leave for 10 minute and wash . I got my hair hair super soft , moist and my hair color look more shine and come out.

I totally love the result.

So maybe for you who need repair your hair because its get damaged from coloring or perm you should check this one. And for this big bottle at least you can use for 2 til 3 month its cost around 20 box. So its good deal.

For me im using this one like 2 or 3 time per week if im not lazy , but if im lazy 1 time per week. But still i can feel the result. Hope this review help you who have damaged hair. I will see you in next post bye….


  • Its help your damaged hair from coloring and perm
  • Come with big bottle
  • Price its affordable


  • Smell is very bad at least for me
  • Its seems they dont have for oily type

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