[Haul] H&M

Its been a while since i record some haul video , and i come back now but with mini haul. Hahaha sorry for that , anyway i have plan to record another haul , because its my birth day month , i feel why not to record some birth day gift haul , since i get few of them.

But im still n ot sure , i have plan to have another make up tutorial , i hope it can coming soon. Its not about im busy or something but i just manage time to record even in fact i have plenty of time to record but yeah….

So i hope you can enjoy my haul. Like i said i made plan to upload some video , such as birth day gift haul , make up tutorial for natural look , some kpop make look. And actually i have new segment VISIT…. With Me

So basically i will visit some place , and i record for you how to get there , how the place and how i eat and how good its that. So its video review about culinary in Bandung. I hope it can coming soon and i hope i can have new series like get ready with me , many youtuber already do that , so i plan to do that too because its sound fun.

See you soon in my new plan series!

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Liar Game + November Haul

These day Korea re-produce a bunch of japan drama. Before we have Boys Before flower / Meteor Garden / or anything you want to called. And we have Liar game , and recently end its Nodame Cantabile. Im really excited to see how korea re-produce all that drama.

Recently drama i  watching is Liar Game . I still remember when japan produce liar game i still junior high school , and i dont really get it with the story. In short world I dont like the story plot for bunch of reason , and this year korea remake that drama. But this time i think its interesting , i bet before i thing this drama have interesting story , but i dont like how japan show the plot , to much cruel for me.

And i give Korea big hope for give this drama different vibe , and Korea is really do great job , maybe if you like strong story the korea vers in more weak , but i think the korea vers its much more nice than the original one , even the end its weird. Okay stop i dont want to be spolier here , just watching my review about liar game , and i compaire the korea vers and japan vers , hope you enjoy to watching

For my update in main channel i have my last month haul , all about beauty product. Review will coming soon , but for peek a boo i been try some of product that i bough last month and i feel happy enough because i dont bough wrong item

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Birthday Haul

Its been a while…. I know is kinda really really late , but i think i dont have any other choice i must do finish what i working

Honestly i already record since april but i dont manage to editing , upload and stuff so just recently i share to you guys. I enjoy all gift i have is really memorable and thx guys who give awesome memories and birth day gift love you much! XOXO



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[Haul] Inisfree

Like my promise before i will upload more and more video , ahahaha…
Fast internet connection made me feel can do anything i want laa…

Get some inisfree haul video again , i just realize this time , inisfree have many counter right now in Shanghai. At least i see 3 new insifree counter , and one of them open around my place. Happy? Of course ! But i think i kinda scary i will spent more money again this time , honestly i dont want that happen.

I promise to my self to save some money to bring back to Indonesia la!

So here , just insifree haul , and product i mention in this video , review is coming as soon as possible!


[Haul] Forever 21 Autum and Winter Collection 2013

I think i shopping A LOT this time. Many reason why i shopping a lot , and the first reason is because i dont bring many clothes from Indonesia , yeah i already planing to buy at Shanghai ahahaha…

Such a rich girl laaa… Even im not rich girl LoL. Came to Forever 21 made me wanna have at least one credit card without limit , their collection in this season is really good , they have new collection with black , grey and red color for this season. And its really good color!

Match la with this season. What i buy is actually casual clothes , since i dont really like kinda girly style , or barbie style. I more like casual , so that why i have many plan tshirt , or just tshirt.

Hope you enjoy my haul for forever 21 as i enjoy spent my time at forever 21 choice the good clothes with good price , since forever 21 more expensive than H&M.