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Liar Game + November Haul

These day Korea re-produce a bunch of japan drama. Before we have Boys Before flower / Meteor Garden / or anything you want to called. And we have Liar game , and recently end its Nodame Cantabile. Im really excited to see how korea re-produce all that drama.

Recently drama i  watching is Liar Game . I still remember when japan produce liar game i still junior high school , and i dont really get it with the story. In short world I dont like the story plot for bunch of reason , and this year korea remake that drama. But this time i think its interesting , i bet before i thing this drama have interesting story , but i dont like how japan show the plot , to much cruel for me.

And i give Korea big hope for give this drama different vibe , and Korea is really do great job , maybe if you like strong story the korea vers in more weak , but i think the korea vers its much more nice than the original one , even the end its weird. Okay stop i dont want to be spolier here , just watching my review about liar game , and i compaire the korea vers and japan vers , hope you enjoy to watching

For my update in main channel i have my last month haul , all about beauty product. Review will coming soon , but for peek a boo i been try some of product that i bough last month and i feel happy enough because i dont bough wrong item

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Empress Ki Impress Me Enough

Its been a while since im talk about kdrama , i should talk at youtube like i used to be before , but you know i really want , really. But Indonesia internet connection is sucks , i dont dare to upload video at youtube. It take a long time , so maybe so far i will back to my blog if come to review about kdrama and stuff.

But you still should cake our youtube channel we share about beauty and girl stuff!

Recently i watching empress ki , i just finish watching this drama. I bet i really cant breath normal after watching all episode. 51 ep is really killing me slowly.

Im not kind a person who can watch a lot ep , my limit is around 30. But 30 ep seriously driving me crazy and this one is 51 you can imagine how crazy am i? Very crazy. Too much story in this drama , too many problem , betray typical story of kingdom which i dont like

So why i watching? Because i almost have all reason to not watching this drama

1.Because is Ha Ji Won. Seriously i love this girl so much. After i watching she act at Secret Garden my favorite drama ever , i dare to said even im girl to love girl like Ha Ji Won , she really pretty and her acting hufff Dae to Bak. Trust me you will love her!

2. Because Ji Chang Woo. I dont know what happen with this man , this man or this person always act at drama who have a lot of ep. Is he special at long kdrama or somehow he just get all drama with  a lot ep? Dont know , dont have any idea. first i see this man at Warrior Baek Dong Soo , and i falling in love , but still cant choice between him and Yoo Seung Hoo. This too man too hot to not love.  After that he play at Chonggakne Yachaegage have 24 still have a lot normal kdrama is around 16 or now is 21? Five finger after that have 30 ep. So i can sure he play at drama who have around 21 plus ep.

For him i dare too watch his drama. Why? He acting is awesome is first reason second of my GOD somehow he made me remember about Lee Min Ho , HANDSOME GUY.

3. I already buy , so i dont have any other reason not to watching this drama!


Tell how this story going , is made me cant breath at all. Too much problem , this man betray this. After all this story is about betray each other. From friend to enemy from enemy to friend. Typical kingdom story

But something get my attention , love line between Ji Chang Wook , king and Ha Ji Won concubine. Really classic but somehow is really turn on me , how the king can give anything to girl who like soul or even chance to hurt him because Ha Ji Won like other man.

I remember one line who driving me crazy. Is not exactly same but is like this. Ji Chang Wook said to Ha Ji Won

“I know you not like me , but just stay with me is all i need. Stay with me and you can do whenever you want , hurt me , get revenge to me or to this empress. Anything you want i can give to you but stay beside me”

Oh shit this poem somehow is really gross but i cant my self not to love. This classic love line turn me , seriously what i like to watching kingdom drama is their love line other problem im just keep my self to watching all. Dont know i dont really into kingdom problem but my mom and my grandmom is really like. Hmmm cant help them


Last thing get my attention. Their clothes is really fancy i dont know what kind era their live but for old dress hmm i think too much. But seriously all actor and actress who play as a part of kingdom dress very well. I love all clothes Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang woo wear. I dare to wear their clothes to mall for walk . Seriously is really fancy.

Not only their clothes their accessories like earring and hair accessories is really pretty. Korea always good at small detail. I enjoy watching their clothes. Ahahah i dont know now if you thing i really weird talk about other thing not about story. Is because im not really into the story and the end i can said sucks for me at least.

But even like that you should watching specially if you like kingdom story , the story is awesome base on my comment who love kingdom story. Story line is strong even their acting. I give 4/5 about all of thing. Minus 1 is because the end story is really sucks , i hate. But all wrap really well

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[Review] Kdrama Secret Love/Secret

Hmm i think im come with many of post about video i recently upload than proper post etc.
But yeah seriously , i still list i should post in this blog ,but some reason im feel super lazy , like usually i feel. So im pending some blog post and come with youtube. And when im finish enough with youtube im move to blog post. Im kinda that person ahahaha please dont blame me!

Im recently finish this drama called Secret Love or Secret Or Bimill. Up to you what you want to said. Genre this drama is melow drama is not me! Im not melow drama (i think i already said many times!) but even the fact i dont like melow drama , this drama is drama you must watching!

I give this drama highly rrecommended. Just watching you will be like!

Jisung in this drama is not kidding hot! He really hot , just said he already marriage with one of korea actress but i get another hot guy in this drama. Im forget his real name but in this drama he play as Jisung manager called Gwang Soo , and he just really hot. You must be like him …

For some info for you guys , i maybe on youtube mood recently , so maybe i dont have many proper blog post this time. But i hope you still like my youtube video. And maybe next month i will post something interesting cause im already promise i made some review of product and still waiting on my list laa…

[Review] Itanazura Na Kiss

Many drama right now , have different version. Even with same story but they made with different drama. So i choice one of drama who have different version to review.
More than review , i think is compare. But you can said review too , i choice review la as a title. Yeaps…This my compare/ review for drama Itanazura Na Kiss , i will said like that because that is the original title.

Actually Taiwan version change this drama to be They Kiss again or It Started With KissKorea to be Playfull Kiss and Japan have another version for some reason Itanazura Na Kiss Love In Tokyo

Really i dont have idea why they change the title of this drama , made different version is okay but change the title kinda biggest question , and the last not least , i dont have any idea why japan made the another version of this drama since they already have before.

Cause they have new version , so i made this video cause i just recently finish watching Itanazura Na Kiss Love in Tokyo which airing this years.

This video i just try to compare between Korea , Taiwan , and Japan (China when you made your vers huh?). Honestly this drama is not my favorite , wanna said more honest i dont like this drama. I dont said about acting actor or actress , i said about this drama , made short i dont like the story.

Its just too dramatic for me.

This story is to fantasy love story , i dont even know or think this love story will happen in real life , ordinary girl or more like minus get perfect man who more like princes? Even in real life Prince William get smart girl with beauty appear.

Even i love drama but if you too much dramatic , to much fantasy but with background real life , i dont like it. Even i dont like , many of my friend love this drama , and i know this drama is not kidding. Almost all ep with different version get best ratting , so this drama get many love for many people right?

Not because i said i dont like , i dont watcing. I still watching , try to like this drama , even in the end i still dont like even i already watching with different ver , the point is the story.

Dont know if you like kind this story or no? Just curious if just me who dont like this drama story…

[Review] Kdrama : Master of Sun

I dont want to lose this moment , before Heirs airing i will review Master of Sun , even i know i already mention before on my blog too how crazy this drama was. But its just a post , and i still dont review properly i guess. So here we go!

ps : I get accident with my hair , i hope you dont mind about this accident. I hope i can record again but it hink i dont have many time cause i still have same list of video i will record and some post i will share you guys.. So please apologize my hair.

After record and edit , i realize many think i still dont mention. So because that i will write in this post something i forget.


Sound crazy i am , but seriously this drama is take me all! I really love this drama so much! Before Heirs take my love i will share how love i am with this drama.

This drama have good story and of course good acting , i kinda shock looking So Ji Sub here , he can hypnotize me. I watch some drama or movie of So Ji Sub , and he totally serious person. In Ghost he really like good police , in sorry i love he , he just mellow person but here! In Master of Sun , he totally epic!

I dont know how can he act like that , he just epic! When he started falling in love , lost control of his self because Taeyang , he just perfect! Even i think kinda clumsy but in same time he romantic. In some screen he lost many money for Taeyang! Kinda crazy cause he really really love money.

Just admire someone like that , who can forget something he/she like so much for someone who love.

And here Gong Hyo Jin , she just crazy. She really good acting , she have skill. You will hypnotize (again) with her acting. She made character Taeyang live. In some screen she change to be different person , because ghost , she totally different! You can see when you watching , he just come to different person , in fact is still same person la! But you can feel she became different person.

Just wonder how can she became different person in same screen. She work hard to made character Taeyang live. And i get the point here , she really pretty think film. Before master of sun i watching her film in Pasta and The Greatest of Love. She not pretty at all. But her she just pretty and adorable

She show her unique fashion style here , in same time you can said fashion terrorist. Dont know what happen with her cody , but yeah in same screen she wearing ‘weird’ clothes i dont get it at all

But… Im kinda interesting with ring she always wearing in this drama. Is really cute when she wearing. In same time made me get different filling , like “wooah… she so cool” Kinda like that.

And what else i forget mention?

Ah Seo In Guk , he play as Kang Woo. Who working in security section of Kingdom. You can see how cool he is when he punch some people. He super cool when he do martial art. But even he can do martial art in this drama he really scary with ghost. Kinda funny right?

Many funny think in this drama , even first i just cant sleep at all when watching this drama. I crushing to my self

“what daufak im doing! in midnight watching ghost story just for L , and he justy play as cameo!”

Yeah my expect he play in thi drama as additional cast , i can said like that. Cause he play as younger Joo Jong Woon , and you only can see around 20 or 30 minute maybe in rest of drama. So im kinda disappointed at first , but in the end im enjoy this drama so much.

This drama tell about ghost , but is still worth to watching. ENJOY!

Master Of Sun

I really dont anticipating this drama. I mean it! Since case is So Ji sub , so far this hot man almost play serious drama like Ghost , one of my favorite drama ever from him. So i dont expect that much from this film!

Only reason why i watching this drama because L join in this drama as younger So Ji Sub!


And because this drama too! I can sleep at all ! I never expect this drama will tell story about ghost , the real ghost! And when im watching this drama , im kinda mental break down. Maybe its my fault who never read story first , but whos care i just wanna see infinite L .



Im really enjoy this drama. Even i scary too see the ghost ( i even cant sleep for a couple days) but i really enjoy the story of this drama. Its more interesting than Who Are You , which have same genre with this drama GHost story and have almost same date for season airing.

This drama story about Tae Gong Sil who can see ghost , make many people think she crazy or something because she scary whit many think too , sometimes she talk alone , but she not talk alone she talk with ghost so people see she alone , sine many people cant see ghost.

But someday she meet Joo Joong Won , cool CEO . Who bring miracle for Tae Gong Sil. Dont know why , when Tae Gong Sil touching Joo Joong Won , ghost will gone , and she can feel relax without see ghost. So because that she need Joo Joong Won , so Tae Gong Sil catch Joo Joong Won like crazy , she hope Joo Joong Won want to help her.

For that hope Tae Gong Sil must catch up Jo Joong Won fist love which already death. He want ask to her death girlfriend about accident and how really she feel about him.



This drama really drive me crazy. Airing on wednesday and thursday ato 22.00 korea time. Made me super crazy. I even can watch this drama without subs , i even cant understand korea but only watching their acting made ma day!

Gong Hyo Jin acting skill is not kidding. She really made her character alive , and sometimes she play in different character in this film , and its really different. I can see different person but in one face. Is not cool? Her acting in this film i really must give four thumbs up for her. Lover her acting so much , and So Ji Sub and Seo In Guk , of course not kidding.


Not only Gong Hyo Jin , im said is not kidding. Ahjushi So Ji Subs is not kidding too! I know he is pro actor at Korea. But who imagine he can be super cute adorable like that with that face!?!! I mean , before i only watchign So Ji Sub film or drama he play super serious , without any cute screen especially at Ghost , but now , even he really serious and cool CEO but sometimes you can see how cute adorable he is!

He already melt me , with him aegyo . He ageyo really already take my heart and my eyes , EVERTHING!

You must watching this drama , and i will made sure not regret to watching this drama , because this drama already made my day for couple week before!

[Review] Kdrama Shut Up Flower Boy

Im really miss my promise actually to upload video every week for review or etc. Yeah dont know why so lazy to made it.
Even i dont have anything else to do actually , im not busy , really busy at all!

So yeah its my review abotu shut up flower boy , one of my favorite series of flower boy story. And yeah watching
this drama made me falling in love like crazy with L from infinite. The story its really good , tell about friendship , love , school
, and high school lift. Made me remember my high school life i already past that time such a long long ago even its not true
but its what i feel.

So yeah enjoy my video , dont forget to subscribe my channel and see u next time bye!