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[Review] Maybelline New Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle

I realize as i older if i dont have enough sleep my eye panda will show like crazy. To be honest , i never been like this when i was teenager , even i sleep late and wake up early my eyes look okay.

But now different

So there two thing i can do , get enough sleep , or get my self good concelar for my under eye. And this product its been my holly grail for save my look from panda eye

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Yeah i know this product its all over internet , its super super popular for eraser your dark circle. But still even all over internet i still want to review cause i already bough hahaha

Well to be honest i dont expect this much because its come from drag store , i dont thinking htye have high coverage but it its , its high coverage for my dark circle and sometimes i use to cover my agne , and its cover very well

They come with some kinda of applicator for you to blend , its nice make this product travel friendly.

Btw they claim their self as treatment too , so they promise if you use this product slowly but sure your dark circle will gone forever i suppose to thinking like that , but im not really sure , because i dont feel this product kinda treatment

Its feel like normal eraser for dark circle laa

There down side , i need take a time to use , this kinda applicator because when i first use i push a tons of product so its wastes too much. I feel i wanna cr now when i was remember that accident

Just take time to know how much you need and blend nice you ready to go. Come with a lot of different color , its nice for you who have dark or light skin tone. And price its good too. Not cheap not expensive either , typical drug store product




[Review] Natural Nude Trivia Eye Shadow MakeOver

Sebenernya kalau kalian perhatiin sekarang – sekarang ini , brand cosmetic lokal udah mulai banyak ngeluarin koleksi eye shadow mereka. Tapi kebanyakan koleksi mereka itu muncul dalam bentuk palete , at least mini palete dengan isi 3 macam eye shadow

Untuk eye shadow , aku kurang suka sih kalau keluar dalam bentuk palete even mini palete kalau emank brandnya yah kurang terkenal. Aku lebih milih kaya singel eye shadow gitu kalau untuk brand baru , kan kaya buang – buang uang. Maksud hati pengen nyobain dulu , tapi kaya di paksa harus beli 3 eyeshadow sekaligu.

Soalnya in my case kadang salah satu atau malah cuman satu eye shadow yang aku pake , sisanya aku antepin dan kalau aku mau eyeshadow dengan warna itu lagi , aku harus beli 3 warna eye shadow. Malesin sih.

Tapi well walaupun begitu aku tetep beli kok. Hahahaha. Guna keperluan memenuhi hasrat pribadi , yang kepo maksimal sama make up dan juga pengen di review ajah buat kalian semua!

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Dan aku dapet satu lagi koleksi eye shadow dari make over , kalau kalian search di blog aku dan ketik make over kalian bakal nemeuin beberapa review aku tentang product dari mereka.

Dan salah satu eye shadow typenya juga udah pernah aku review. Kalian bisa check kalau kalian kepo.

Ini adalah produck eye shadow ke dua yang aku beli dari line up make over. Kalian pasti pikir aku beli dua kali aku pasti suka banget sama nih brand

To be honest

Gw suka packignnya , glam gitu nggak kaya product local lain. Aku jadi mikir ah… mereka put some effort into design packaging. Aku jatuh cinta banget ama packagingnya.

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Berbeda dari eye shadow yang sebelumnya aku review , mate yang ini glitter. And to be honest yang sebelumnya lebih so much better dari yang ini


Warna glitternya kata aku nggak gitu banget , nggak keliatan mewah compare sama other eye shadow glitter lain , aku nggak ngomong western product disinih. Compare ajah ama korea eye shadow yang glitter , ini glitternya aneh banget , nggak lucu mewah gitu deh. Agak (sorry) murahan (?)

Dan seperti yang kalian di picture itu agak retak – retak gimana gitu , yeaps dia broke karena gw nggak sengaja jatoh.

Untuk warna sendiri , warnanya keluar cuman nggak gitu long lasting , kalau kalian mau long lasting sebelum kalian apply pake dulu ajah eye shadow primer pasti long lasting deh , kalau nggak punya eye shadow primer bisa pake concelar kok.

Warnanya keluar dan gampang di blend cuman kalau blend kelamaan tuh si glitternya meluruk gitu apa yah meluruk tuh , jatoh gitu ke bagian bawah mata makanya harus hati – hati waktu makenya

Dan dari ketiga warna itu kata aku sih yang paling bagus yang kaya coklat gold gitu , yang duanya agak meh… cuman yang coklat gold itu yang keliatan mewah waktu aku pake , makanya aku demen banget pake itu.

Kalau menurut aku pribadi , kalau kalian emank suka warnanya dan pengen nyobain why not. Karena harganya sendiri nggak mahal kok , aku lupa fixnya berapa tapi kayanya under 100K.

Tapi kalau kalian emank yang butuh eye shadow yang kece badai , dan look mewah mending pikir – pikir lagi kalau kalian mau beli deh. So far yeah… ok lah so so feeling hahaha


[Review] Clio Kill Cover Foundation Lingerie

As you know im not person into foundation if come to face product , i more like wearing bb cream or cc cream or cushion. Its feel more lighter on my skin. But even i prefer them i still need foundation. I always yous foundaiton if i need go to some big event , like party , wedding party and other important event there event you need take a tons of picture.

And when come to foundation i always want to which have high coverage and this foundation its been around me and became one of my favorite korea foundation.

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Its from Clio , Kill Cover foundation as their claim in their name , kill cover they claim this foundation have high cover. And it its.

Its long lasting too and what else come with 35 SPF i think its perfect for foundation

Im super impress with Clio brand , so far i been trying their product all its good. Even Clio you can said its baby cosmetic brand. As far as i know they just come out recenty even but you can believe their quality because they came with same company as peripera

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Packing it self its very nice , i love packing it self , its look expensive even its not expensive , yeah compare to other korea cosmetic their price its bit higher but if you compare to western product this one its cheap , and have good coverage like western product i love

Texture its bit liquid but not so much , its in right texture so its make you easy to use this product.

And this product you can add more layer on it. If you want see life swatch watch this video so you can see more detail on swatch. Yeah i already talking about this product couple month ago , and now i decide to talk on my blog cause i want you guys more know.

How much i adore this product.

Down side about this product well , they dont have too much range color , its okay for you who have white skin you can find right color , but if you more dark skin compare to me , i want you gusy more carefour to find good shades for you.

So for you who really want try korea foundation beside etude who have good coverage , i suggest you guys to check this product. Its perfect!


[Review] Canmake Nuance Eyebrow No 6

If you remember i used to have blond hair for long long times. Even know i have black hair thooo..

There one problem when i have blonde hair , its my eye brow cause i want my look more natural i need to make my eyebrow blonde. There two way , i get bleaching or i get my self blond pencil eyebrow

Bleach its impossible cause im chicken so i just go with blond color pencil eye brow. The one that i like its from etude house , color its perfect its easy to use. After all its nice. But still like usually i want to search other eye brow pencil

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And this one i get from Canmake , japan brand.

Im not so into japan cosmetic but i though i love canmake , i have some product from canmake such blush , eye shadow and face powder. And Canmake never dissapoint me. They have good product with good deal of course

But this one its meh for me

Even color is really good i love color , its perfect blonde. But the texture its hard. So its hard to use. You need extra strengh when you use and when you put more energy into it , it will make your self pain

Its second product that i regret to bought. Beside Body Shop Eyeliner.

Im never diss make up that much. I always love or just said its okay to make up that i review. But sorry canmake , this time i must diss you. I really regret bought htis product even though price its okay not expensive but still i expect you to have more good quality for eyebrow pencil


[Review] A’Pieu Air Fit Cushion No 21

I feel this week i will talk about Apieu.

Im not plan like this , but well its turn like this , and its make me realize recently i been into Apieu product.

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Another product from A’pieu , air fit cushion. When come to cushion i always love laneige even i heard IOPE is the first cushion , and there so many good review about IOPE cushion but still Laneige is number one in my heart

But even i have my favorite one but its not make me stop hunting cushion.

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I know cushion should have low coverage or at least to medium coverage. So for coverage i dont expect so much , but this cushion well let be hoenst have low coverage . Maybe i expect too much but the coverage its very low

Maybe for you who still younger and dont have many trouble with skin you can go with this product , but for me sometiemes i have redness or agne scarr and this cushion not help at all.

Its seems i dont  wearing any make up. Its very light

And sponge , i trow away because its not soft , its very hard. I dont know why this kinda sponge even exit. Its hard la , i throw away and changed to my own sponge.

Good thing about this product its come with 50 spf so i just thinking as my sun cream , even im should not thinking like that. And price is really okay. I can said its cheap.

What else? Color , well because its 21 , so its come more white than my skin tone like usually but its okay , its still can get along , color is yah normal. Texture either its good , very very light and easy to blend. Just okay.

But for me personal , this one not for me. I hope cushion with medium coverage and more like im wearing something this one to light , coverage its beyond my expect hmm..,, hell yeah



[Review] A’pieu Small Face Shading Kit No 2

I born with chubby type face. I dont want to complain with who i like now i like my chubby face , its okay fine but sometimes when i  envy to someone who have slim face.

Well to have slim face either i get plastic surgery or i counturing my self. Lets talk about countouring face now. Countouring its thing in state  , there so many celebrity use countouring as one of must make up step

But if you come to Asia , esspeceliay to korea , there no such countouring. Okay there have countouring but not so popular compare to west. So it is with product not so many korea prodcut sell countouring product

But these day there are couple brand that sell countouring product , one of popular from kroea its countouring product from too cool for school. Its super popular i really want try but i dont have chance to try , so meanwhile i get hand with too cool for school counturing lets talk about this product

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This one from A’pieu you can said A’pieu its new baby brond make up brand from korea , as far as i know A’pieu is little baby Missha.

So they have similiar texture , how to they make product its similiar but maybe what make different A’pieu product its more cheaper than Missha. So for you who have tight budget on make up maybe you can check this brand

Its cheap

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When i check online thye only have 2 different shade light one its number 1 and this one number 2 more darker.

For me because i dont have very white pale skin number 1 i bet its too light for me , its gonna be not working on me. So i get in number 2. When i first bought i thinking it will be powder texture , but its not

Its creamy , they claim they product its speedy i thinking they mean its easy to blend , yes its does its easy to blend.

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When i swatch color come out nice and seems natural , the high light seems not visible. But beside highlight other its nice.

I dont mind about how natural color come out , because i dont like hard shadding. I more like natural one for everyday use. So this one its good.

But there some note that i want to give you , this product its not pigmentif , maybe around 3 or 4 hours you need touch up with some powder if you want. And for you who have more darker skin tone compare to mine , this product gonna be junk for you. Brown color its too light if you have more darker skin tone than me. Its never gonna be work

Even for me if i use before foundation counturing its gone. So usually i use after i use foundation , but dont worry color come out nice and natural. Its good for everyday use. Ah important point its cheap i get this around 9 box. Around that price.

With that kinda price i think you can said this product its okay , not soo good or either not so bad.



[Review] Sleek I – Divine Vintage Romance Palette

Romance is my thing. Well i know not every girl like romance like not every girl like make up. But romance and make up its my thing. I always love and cherish them.

Deep down inside my alter ego i really want admit that im romantic girl even im not kinda look like that girl. At least for my friend they thinking im not romantic because how i speak how my attitude which bit clumsy they cant believe that im romantic at all

But i am!


Talk about romantic , i just get this thing. When romantic and make up meet with each other. BAM! My love goes on

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Its from sleek , its my second palette from them , i have one of them but its more like primer and this one its eyeshadow palette.

I forgot story behind why i can get this palette but i promise i saw on youtube or blog and there person use this one and its look awesome , so i promise to my self to get my hand for this product beside its called romance palette its give romance vibe for my self.

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Packaging it self its simple , not so cool or not so bad. But compare to Urban Decay well i more like Urban Decay palette design than this one. But this one its more easy to bring when traveling compare to UD , so yeah there plus and minus in this kinda style design

In my personal opinion even its look simple but its give look expensive vibe on palette even its not so expensive its cost around 11 box. Its good deal for palette

Processed with VSCO with c2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c2 preset


As you can see color its pretty baddas , its not typical eye shadow you use for everyday , but for some party or night event.

And some of them its really come out nice , some of them its not come so nice. For red line and purple line i guess its come nice. Its not long lasting but if you use primer first of course its long lasting.

There look glittery but when you apply glitter its not so visible so for you who into mate and like just little bit glitter this product its for you. But for you who love glitter eyes shadow you maybe feel little bit upset

So far i only use red line and purple its come nice , its like normal good eye shadow , its come out nice , easy to blend , not super long lasting but its goof for just like couple hours event.

Down side about this one maybe… eum.. well not long lasting. But let be honest here , you pay for around 11 box and get this kinda eye shadow. I think its already awesome. This one its good product compare to how price.

And they seems put effort name their eye shadow , cause they name all eye shadow in romantic vibe. I love it. In the end yeah this product its good , but dont expect too much hahahaha