Love is Free

People spend money to feel happy. But if 
you're with someone you love, happiness comes to you even if you don't 
pay for it. It's free. I know there isn't anything that's free in the 
world. But love is free.

I miss blogging so much , but i kinda lazy in some point doing review , even i now i still have many list to review. I will do as soon as possible. More useful post coming soon !

Get this quotes when searching and just kinda interesting to post about this… What do you think guys when you reading this quotes? Are you agree love is free? I dont think so. Why? Yeah even you dont need pay with money for love but otherwise you must with other think pain , cry , heart broken , happy for nothing , sacrifice and many more.

If i still naive maybe i think this quotes right. But im not naive girl , anymore. I just wanna more reality. Even like that i love this quotes , have deep meaning somehow.

It just really good if love is free…. Yeah is really good think