[Review] A’pieu Small Face Shading Kit No 2

I born with chubby type face. I dont want to complain with who i like now i like my chubby face , its okay fine but sometimes when i  envy to someone who have slim face.

Well to have slim face either i get plastic surgery or i counturing my self. Lets talk about countouring face now. Countouring its thing in state  , there so many celebrity use countouring as one of must make up step

But if you come to Asia , esspeceliay to korea , there no such countouring. Okay there have countouring but not so popular compare to west. So it is with product not so many korea prodcut sell countouring product

But these day there are couple brand that sell countouring product , one of popular from kroea its countouring product from too cool for school. Its super popular i really want try but i dont have chance to try , so meanwhile i get hand with too cool for school counturing lets talk about this product

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This one from A’pieu you can said A’pieu its new baby brond make up brand from korea , as far as i know A’pieu is little baby Missha.

So they have similiar texture , how to they make product its similiar but maybe what make different A’pieu product its more cheaper than Missha. So for you who have tight budget on make up maybe you can check this brand

Its cheap

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When i check online thye only have 2 different shade light one its number 1 and this one number 2 more darker.

For me because i dont have very white pale skin number 1 i bet its too light for me , its gonna be not working on me. So i get in number 2. When i first bought i thinking it will be powder texture , but its not

Its creamy , they claim they product its speedy i thinking they mean its easy to blend , yes its does its easy to blend.

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When i swatch color come out nice and seems natural , the high light seems not visible. But beside highlight other its nice.

I dont mind about how natural color come out , because i dont like hard shadding. I more like natural one for everyday use. So this one its good.

But there some note that i want to give you , this product its not pigmentif , maybe around 3 or 4 hours you need touch up with some powder if you want. And for you who have more darker skin tone compare to mine , this product gonna be junk for you. Brown color its too light if you have more darker skin tone than me. Its never gonna be work

Even for me if i use before foundation counturing its gone. So usually i use after i use foundation , but dont worry color come out nice and natural. Its good for everyday use. Ah important point its cheap i get this around 9 box. Around that price.

With that kinda price i think you can said this product its okay , not soo good or either not so bad.



Favorite Morning Cleanser

Sebenernya aku adalah tipe yang males banget kalau bangun harus cuci muka karena menurut aku muka aku udah bersih karena sebelum tidur aku pasti cuci muka aku sampai berish dan pake perawatan.

Sebenernay nggak bersih sih aku tahu , cuman aku ngerasa muka kau bersih. LOL.

Karena itu aku agak galau kalau pagi – pagi harus cuci muka ketika logika aku mengatakan muka aku kotor tapi perasaan aku mengatakan bersih kok. Galau mode on.

Tapi semejak ada product ini aku jadi nggak ngerasa galau lagi , iklan banget nggak sih omongan aku? Tapi suer ini bukan iklan hahaha

Aku cuma mau ngasih tahu ke kalian produk favorite cleansing aku di pagi hari. Ini ada dari Corsx. Aku udah lama cari morning gel yang adem ayem , ringan kaya gini dan akhirnya aku menemukannya. CORSX sendiri udah booming di korea baru – baru ini semejak produk pimplenya itu , hits banget deh itu produk. Aku sendiri belum nyobain tapi aku bernian mencoba produk itu tapi karena kau belum dapet produk yang aku mau aku malah cobain produk ini

Dan aku nggak nyesel dari texture , result tuh aku banget deh pokoknya. Aku demen banget. Cuman bad point dari produk ini adalah dia tuh bau banget , baunya kaya bahan kimia . Awal – awalnya karena aku nggak terbiasa dengan bau kaya gini aku agak shock sih pakenya tapi lama kelamaan setelah terbiasa aku ok – ok ajah tuh

Kadang aku juga pake cleanser ini buat ngebersihin make up , untuk make up yang ringan sebenarnay cleansing ini bisa banget dipake cuman baut make up yang berat – berat jangan deh pake cleansing ini. Karena nggak ngaruh  juga


[Review] Lip Lacquer 3ce Fever

I know you must be one have lip color that you always bought over and over again but you never dare to use because you think that color its cute but not good at you , or you dont have enough confidence to use

Yeah i know you have same problem with me

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For me its gonna be this shocking orange color. I always love this color and bough over and over again , but never use because i think its never suit with my skin color. But at least for once i never regret i bought this color

Dont know why….

Well its not literly i never use , i use as blush one but never use as lip product because like i said its never suitable with my skin color

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This 3cle product have heavy kinda texture , its very rich color come out nice in one swipe but not that long lasting like lip tint

Its give you glossy look after you use but not too much. Its in okay level typical lip gloss but not to glossy like normal glossy

Come with many different color but i choice this deep orange color , or they call as fever because it think orang its pretty deep and i love this typical orange even i never use as much as i love.

For price i thought its pretty okay , its bit expensive compare with other korea brand but well we talk 3ce , they have more high price than other brand. I dont know if 3ce is in category road shop because price its high is in same level like CLIO.

I get this one around 20 box maybe or almost 30 im not sure but well its around that price depend where you get.

So far i can said this product its good. Cost with what you get its same – same. Even applicator its nice for me. Yeah this product i think well its not special its good but not that good bad not that bad. After all is so so.

I just bought because i love color , if you think color its pretty go ahead and buy because you maybe love this so so product






Little Secret Corner

I know i been MIA for couple weeks? Month?

Not really sure but yeah i been MIA for longest day , and for sure i miss writing in this little world. There always special space here.

Seriously i dont have any excuse why i been MIA , im not busy or either not really free. I just life well , i guess. And i been trying super hard to catch up on blog. I cant promise anything but here one thing i can promise.

At least one promise never hurt you right?

Well , there will be post soon , but not about review for this time. I dont have any mood for review any product , but i trying my best to review at least one product per month. Either review i will back to catch up with my fasshion vibe

I been shop a lot so i want to share my kinda typical OOTD so far from perfect , but i still you guys like it

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Top : New Look / Pants : Cotton ON / Boots : H&M / Cokker : Somewhere Online

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Btw all i taken by my camera phone , quality its far from perfect. I know that but somehow i cant let that go , i thinking i should post because its not that bad!

I promise see you in next post , and yeah i trying so hard not so MIA again!

Love you guys…!!







Happy New Year All….!!!!

Is been a while since i post something like this , usually i just upload some review , kinda miss this type of post

I hope you have very greet new year.

This year 2016 , i think is more special than before. Because finally i made bucket list , or eummmm…. like resolution for this year. Is special because i never have any resolution before and finally i decide to make more special

Usually i just go with i want this year i get more better person than last year but i dont have any target  but this year i have couple target that i hope i can fully

Less Arrogant

Well i dont said im arrogant but i born with arrogant face , based with my friend comment. I look arrogant because i dont talk too much but in fact im not arrogant im cheap if i can be more honest. But when meet new people i feel shy and feel bit insecure so i talk less , and decide to not show my real self. But this year i hope i can reduce that and yeah more friendly

Less negative thinking

Im person easily negative thinking to other people i dont know very well , yeah i dont know why its happen like this so i hope i can more have positive thinking this year

Have good relationship

I have someone that i like already couple year ,  but our relationship kinda stop in same position. Reason is because i dig my grave by my self. So i try fix it and hope it will give me better result

And yeah maybe that all my resolution for this year , not much but is big enough to achieve . Hope i can go well with this all.

So how about yours?

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Business Inquiries : Myairos[at]ymail[dot]com
This post 100% made with smile


[Review] Eos Lip Balm

I know some of you maybe familiar with this product

I already heard a bunch good review about this lip balm , i already wanted to try it but i manage get recently. Why?

For me its expensive

I see in website its not expensive but because i live in another part of this earth its cost a lot for a tons of reason. So yeah just manage get recently and its does really good

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I mean its give very soft to my lip , is nice and uh i they so cute packaging with good smell , seriously i forget what type that i get but its damn so goooooddddd

All good review about this lip balm is not lie , its does very good. But not to forget to mention i bet its doesnt have spf , i remember its doesnt but right me if im wrong. If this lip balm without spf i dont even care i still use its totally nice laaa

Maybe for you who celebrate xmast this product can be on your list for give to someone special like mom , girlfriend , etc. Because usually they come with special package edition


  • Its have tons of different type smell
  • Give your lip good condition after using
  • Cute packaging


  • Its expensive because i live far far away from US
  • Its doesnt have SPF (right me if im wrong)