[Review] Canmake Nuance Eyebrow No 6

If you remember i used to have blond hair for long long times. Even know i have black hair thooo..

There one problem when i have blonde hair , its my eye brow cause i want my look more natural i need to make my eyebrow blonde. There two way , i get bleaching or i get my self blond pencil eyebrow

Bleach its impossible cause im chicken so i just go with blond color pencil eye brow. The one that i like its from etude house , color its perfect its easy to use. After all its nice. But still like usually i want to search other eye brow pencil

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And this one i get from Canmake , japan brand.

Im not so into japan cosmetic but i though i love canmake , i have some product from canmake such blush , eye shadow and face powder. And Canmake never dissapoint me. They have good product with good deal of course

But this one its meh for me

Even color is really good i love color , its perfect blonde. But the texture its hard. So its hard to use. You need extra strengh when you use and when you put more energy into it , it will make your self pain

Its second product that i regret to bought. Beside Body Shop Eyeliner.

Im never diss make up that much. I always love or just said its okay to make up that i review. But sorry canmake , this time i must diss you. I really regret bought htis product even though price its okay not expensive but still i expect you to have more good quality for eyebrow pencil


[Review] A’Pieu Air Fit Cushion No 21

I feel this week i will talk about Apieu.

Im not plan like this , but well its turn like this , and its make me realize recently i been into Apieu product.

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Another product from A’pieu , air fit cushion. When come to cushion i always love laneige even i heard IOPE is the first cushion , and there so many good review about IOPE cushion but still Laneige is number one in my heart

But even i have my favorite one but its not make me stop hunting cushion.

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I know cushion should have low coverage or at least to medium coverage. So for coverage i dont expect so much , but this cushion well let be hoenst have low coverage . Maybe i expect too much but the coverage its very low

Maybe for you who still younger and dont have many trouble with skin you can go with this product , but for me sometiemes i have redness or agne scarr and this cushion not help at all.

Its seems i dont  wearing any make up. Its very light

And sponge , i trow away because its not soft , its very hard. I dont know why this kinda sponge even exit. Its hard la , i throw away and changed to my own sponge.

Good thing about this product its come with 50 spf so i just thinking as my sun cream , even im should not thinking like that. And price is really okay. I can said its cheap.

What else? Color , well because its 21 , so its come more white than my skin tone like usually but its okay , its still can get along , color is yah normal. Texture either its good , very very light and easy to blend. Just okay.

But for me personal , this one not for me. I hope cushion with medium coverage and more like im wearing something this one to light , coverage its beyond my expect hmm..,, hell yeah



[Review] A’pieu Small Face Shading Kit No 2

I born with chubby type face. I dont want to complain with who i like now i like my chubby face , its okay fine but sometimes when i  envy to someone who have slim face.

Well to have slim face either i get plastic surgery or i counturing my self. Lets talk about countouring face now. Countouring its thing in state  , there so many celebrity use countouring as one of must make up step

But if you come to Asia , esspeceliay to korea , there no such countouring. Okay there have countouring but not so popular compare to west. So it is with product not so many korea prodcut sell countouring product

But these day there are couple brand that sell countouring product , one of popular from kroea its countouring product from too cool for school. Its super popular i really want try but i dont have chance to try , so meanwhile i get hand with too cool for school counturing lets talk about this product

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This one from A’pieu you can said A’pieu its new baby brond make up brand from korea , as far as i know A’pieu is little baby Missha.

So they have similiar texture , how to they make product its similiar but maybe what make different A’pieu product its more cheaper than Missha. So for you who have tight budget on make up maybe you can check this brand

Its cheap

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When i check online thye only have 2 different shade light one its number 1 and this one number 2 more darker.

For me because i dont have very white pale skin number 1 i bet its too light for me , its gonna be not working on me. So i get in number 2. When i first bought i thinking it will be powder texture , but its not

Its creamy , they claim they product its speedy i thinking they mean its easy to blend , yes its does its easy to blend.

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When i swatch color come out nice and seems natural , the high light seems not visible. But beside highlight other its nice.

I dont mind about how natural color come out , because i dont like hard shadding. I more like natural one for everyday use. So this one its good.

But there some note that i want to give you , this product its not pigmentif , maybe around 3 or 4 hours you need touch up with some powder if you want. And for you who have more darker skin tone compare to mine , this product gonna be junk for you. Brown color its too light if you have more darker skin tone than me. Its never gonna be work

Even for me if i use before foundation counturing its gone. So usually i use after i use foundation , but dont worry color come out nice and natural. Its good for everyday use. Ah important point its cheap i get this around 9 box. Around that price.

With that kinda price i think you can said this product its okay , not soo good or either not so bad.



Its Been 1 Year

I know time go so fast , but i never realize it will be this fast.

And yeah this past 1 years (almost) , there so many thing happen in my life from good thing to worse (not too soo) thing. I meet new people and said good bye to old people if that make sense.

One thing i realize im not younger any more. Of course! And what else? Ah… that kid face look its already gone from my visual changed to more mature , and stress look i guess. HAHA.

Im not laugh that often cause i tend to stress more often thinking what i been done so far for my life.

Even i said couple thing its changed but well its there couple thing that never changed in my life , from teenager till no im glad at least i still have this thing. Its my blog of course! I keep this blog when i wass ten till now im tweenty

To be honest im proud of my self i been doing blogging for such a long time. And yeah i want to admit my blog grow more and more , and i happy. Because i never know that i will in that level but well i hope hahaha.

At first i though i will give up bloging before it became like this , but so far i keep bloging , writing about review and stuff

I dont want deny there many thing in my blog , if you been stalk my blog for quit longest time you will know. Im stop blog about food again. Before i used to write about hot hang out place in my city but now not anymore


Simple. Because now my life its boring. HAHA. I just go to place i used to visit , tend to feel lazy and scared to visit new place.

Another changed its i stop talking about my life , even now i can said i writing my life. HAHA. Whats wrong with me. But yeah i tend to not write about my life anymore not like before.


Dont know. Maybe there nothing BAM happen to my life so i stop writing about my life? Not sure but hell yeah… im changed even on blog. Can you imagine how much i changed on my daily life. A TONS!

But believe me everything changed for good

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Last sat night i hang out with my friend , and this all footage that i get. I just wanna share you cause i miss share about what happend in my life

So far its great

Because it almost go to 2017 , i hope next year i can share my life bit more to you guys. But i bet not so often like before but at least not so bad. Because i thing this year im so bad about update my life HAHAh

What im talking about now or writing…

Anyway , i just wanted to you guys know that i been well , my life maybe bit like roller coster not always in high , not always happy but someday when tears come , there smile come too


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[Review] Sleek I – Divine Vintage Romance Palette

Romance is my thing. Well i know not every girl like romance like not every girl like make up. But romance and make up its my thing. I always love and cherish them.

Deep down inside my alter ego i really want admit that im romantic girl even im not kinda look like that girl. At least for my friend they thinking im not romantic because how i speak how my attitude which bit clumsy they cant believe that im romantic at all

But i am!


Talk about romantic , i just get this thing. When romantic and make up meet with each other. BAM! My love goes on

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Its from sleek , its my second palette from them , i have one of them but its more like primer and this one its eyeshadow palette.

I forgot story behind why i can get this palette but i promise i saw on youtube or blog and there person use this one and its look awesome , so i promise to my self to get my hand for this product beside its called romance palette its give romance vibe for my self.

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Packaging it self its simple , not so cool or not so bad. But compare to Urban Decay well i more like Urban Decay palette design than this one. But this one its more easy to bring when traveling compare to UD , so yeah there plus and minus in this kinda style design

In my personal opinion even its look simple but its give look expensive vibe on palette even its not so expensive its cost around 11 box. Its good deal for palette

Processed with VSCO with c2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c2 preset


As you can see color its pretty baddas , its not typical eye shadow you use for everyday , but for some party or night event.

And some of them its really come out nice , some of them its not come so nice. For red line and purple line i guess its come nice. Its not long lasting but if you use primer first of course its long lasting.

There look glittery but when you apply glitter its not so visible so for you who into mate and like just little bit glitter this product its for you. But for you who love glitter eyes shadow you maybe feel little bit upset

So far i only use red line and purple its come nice , its like normal good eye shadow , its come out nice , easy to blend , not super long lasting but its goof for just like couple hours event.

Down side about this one maybe… eum.. well not long lasting. But let be honest here , you pay for around 11 box and get this kinda eye shadow. I think its already awesome. This one its good product compare to how price.

And they seems put effort name their eye shadow , cause they name all eye shadow in romantic vibe. I love it. In the end yeah this product its good , but dont expect too much hahahaha


[Review] 3CE Cream Blusher Baby Peach

Its fall already… and when fall come out this thing is pop out into my mind. Peach!

Dont know for you guys , but for me what i thinking when fall come one from hundred my mind its peach. Peach fruit , peach color its totally sweet fall.

How about you guys? What come out from you mind when i said fall? I really curious please tell me in comment section bellow…

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And this thing its out when i said its peach , its cream blusher from 3CE in peach color. Color is really cute. I know guys you will thinking this one its not for fall , fall its more to burgundy color. I know.

But problem that not rule

You can break rule if you need something sweet something cute in you life. Well maybe i craving from something cute something sweet in my life so this peach thing come out of my head well…

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset


Packging it self its typical 3ce simpel elegant , i love this kind pacakaing

And if you check more close my bottle its been damaged . Yeah its have little damaged. I got from online and start from i get its been like that. At first i want to refund this product but it too complicated so i taken back and just use lah

Processed with VSCO with s1 presetProcessed with VSCO with s1 preset

Texture it self its very creamy a little bit thick than normal creamy blusher that i get. But i dont mind because color come more stronger and more long lasting.

But for you who prefer light feeling and not long lasting this product not for you guys. And i take note i said this product its long lasting but still you need touch up at least after 4 hours its getting lighter and that time you need touch up

Because texture its bit thick its bit hard to blend when its already dry you cant blend that nice. So my tips for you guys just add layer by layer. Because its quick to dry so if you do add layer by layer you will be safe.

For you who start make up this one its not good for you , you need learn first how to until you use for go out. And i dont know its my preference dont take too serious. I think this kind color its more perfect for you who have pale skin to to medium light. For medium dark skin tone and more this one not for you because i think color its not come out and its come more dull

Well that what i thought but if you want to try go ahead. Since this product i can said its good one .


[Review] Beauty Bliss BB Cream Light

Sebenernya dari semua face product such as bb cream , cc cream , foundation gw lebih prefer bb cream.


BB cream itu texturenya ringan dan enak buat sehari – hari , dan some of bb cream memiliki coverage yang bagus , medium coverage (yeah emank sih ada bb cream yang ngclaim mereka itu full coverage tapi tetep kalau di bandingin sama foundation lebih coveran foundation ) , dan yh ringan ajah paling penting itu

Gw nggak suka kalau produck buat make up sehari – hari yang berat – berat. Tapi sometiems gw juga pake bb cream buat ke acara – acara gitu alesannya gw nggak gitu suka pake foundation soalnya yah berat gitu deh dan kalau bersihin mukanya susah

Dan belakangan ini gw nemu merek lokal yang ngeluarin bb cream , exicted sebenernya sih soalnya ini kali pertama gw liat ada lokal brand ngeluarin bb cream yang indektik dengan korea product

Processed with VSCO with c3 presetProcessed with VSCO with c3 presetProcessed with VSCO with c3 preset


Ini product bb creamnya Emina. Kalau diliat – liat emank brand Emina ini ngeluarin make up line yang ala – ala korea gitu. Jadi gw exicted banget pas liat dan tau harganya murah makin girang lah gw

Oke untuk harganya gw nggak yakin berapa pastinya tapi seinget gw sekitar 60 ribuan , correct me if im wrong. Its cheap lah compare sama bb cream etude , dan lain sebagainya

Packingnya sih ngingetin gw sama brand Etude yah , yang pink , unyu – unyu syalala lili gitu.

Mereka nge claim kalau bb crema ini menggandung vitamin C dan vitamin E yang basicly yah bagus ajah buat kulit. Jadi sekalian make upan sekalian skin carean kali yah , gitu kali yah maksudnya

Processed with VSCO with c3 presetProcessed with VSCO with c3 presetProcessed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 presetphoto-7-12-13-9-03-00-pm

Pas gw liat di counternya sih cuman ada dua warna yang light sama yang dark. Gw sih nggak heran , soalnya kan BB cream asli juga biasanya range warnanya sedikit yah kalu nggak light yang dark gitu.

Dan gw memilih yang light , kenapa?

Karena yang dark itu gelap banget di kulit gw tapi yang lightnya seperti yang kalian liat di swatchnya terang banget.

Waktu gw apply ke muka juga emank agak lebih terang dari pada bb cream yang biasa gw beli sih , cuman udah beberapa menit yah setengah jam , udah nyerep gitu keliatanya natural sih. Tapi eamnk awal – awalnya agak bikin shock , terang gila.

Ah gw mau ngasih note juga buat bb cream ini , texture dari bb cream sendiri agak kentel gitu nggak cair nyantai gitu. Jadi agak susah yah buat di blend dan apalagi yah… kalau emank kulit kalian pas warnanya dengan shades bb cream ini , gw yakin ini buildable alias kalian bisa nambahin layer one by one buat dapet full coverage

Dan ngomong – ngomong soal coverage , coverage bb cream ini standar kok kaya bb cream korea , medium coverage. Nge cover agne scarr yang kecil – kecil tapi untuk case gw kantong mata gw nggak cover jadi tetep gw harus pake concelaer ato add layer tapi berhubung keterangan nih product buat gw jadi gw go to concelar

So far gw impress dengan product ini karena awalnya jujur ajah gw under estimate product make up lokal , pesimis ajah gitu. Tapi ngeliat resultnya lumayan kok , bukan yang terbaik , tapi i promise its not your nightmare