[Review] Air Fit Nude Foundation No 23

Its hard to believe its already december and xmast its in right corner.
For me 2016 its amazing , so far its feel like ride smooth roller coster i already imagine there always good thing when bad thing happend , and that what happen.

I love 2016 as much i love 2015
But how about you guys? How much you love 2016?

There a lot of new trend happen in 2016 from fashion to make up. But lets talk about make up , the thing i have more experience

I found a lot of brand in 2016 get collab with film or character , or even model. From Etude house too 3CE they have collab product , and one of my favorite collab if come to brand its A’pieu

A’pieu been collab with all my favorite grow up cartoon , from shinchan to doraemon. I been talk about their collab with shinchan at one of my post , if you curious you can search or just click a’pieu in tag and it will show

So now lets talk about their collab with doraemon , one of my favorite character

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Because the packaging its come with doraemon , i cant let throw away , so i decide to keep even its just trash , well that what some people called

I got in number 23 because usually i go in that number if its come to korea brand if not 23 , i get in 21 beside that its too white for my skin

Yeah consider with korea standart my skin quite dark for them , hell yaa

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Their design its outstanding , come in like small bottle with straw kinda off , to be honest i dont know the name for this kinda of texture , please comment bellow if you know what name

Its easy to use because come with this kinda form

Texture it self its very liquid , maybe because they claim its foundation moisture so its more liquid compare normal foundation.

At first i try its give like smooth feeling very moisture , light result , but recently i use these foundation and its give dry look. I dont know why but my skin its in normal coundation but they give different result

For coverage it self it not that good but its not that bad its just so so.

I feel this post a bit ambiguous , but that what excatly what i feel about this product , at first i like this product , very light for foundaiton , coverage it nice , moist too. But recently its give my skin dry and patch look.

Im really dont know , i just feel this product its so so , my note for you guys , really note just bought if you love doraemon , cause its big reason why i bought this one. And i dont regret its cute!



[Review] A’pieu Small Face Shading Kit No 2

I born with chubby type face. I dont want to complain with who i like now i like my chubby face , its okay fine but sometimes when i  envy to someone who have slim face.

Well to have slim face either i get plastic surgery or i counturing my self. Lets talk about countouring face now. Countouring its thing in state  , there so many celebrity use countouring as one of must make up step

But if you come to Asia , esspeceliay to korea , there no such countouring. Okay there have countouring but not so popular compare to west. So it is with product not so many korea prodcut sell countouring product

But these day there are couple brand that sell countouring product , one of popular from kroea its countouring product from too cool for school. Its super popular i really want try but i dont have chance to try , so meanwhile i get hand with too cool for school counturing lets talk about this product

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This one from A’pieu you can said A’pieu its new baby brond make up brand from korea , as far as i know A’pieu is little baby Missha.

So they have similiar texture , how to they make product its similiar but maybe what make different A’pieu product its more cheaper than Missha. So for you who have tight budget on make up maybe you can check this brand

Its cheap

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When i check online thye only have 2 different shade light one its number 1 and this one number 2 more darker.

For me because i dont have very white pale skin number 1 i bet its too light for me , its gonna be not working on me. So i get in number 2. When i first bought i thinking it will be powder texture , but its not

Its creamy , they claim they product its speedy i thinking they mean its easy to blend , yes its does its easy to blend.

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When i swatch color come out nice and seems natural , the high light seems not visible. But beside highlight other its nice.

I dont mind about how natural color come out , because i dont like hard shadding. I more like natural one for everyday use. So this one its good.

But there some note that i want to give you , this product its not pigmentif , maybe around 3 or 4 hours you need touch up with some powder if you want. And for you who have more darker skin tone compare to mine , this product gonna be junk for you. Brown color its too light if you have more darker skin tone than me. Its never gonna be work

Even for me if i use before foundation counturing its gone. So usually i use after i use foundation , but dont worry color come out nice and natural. Its good for everyday use. Ah important point its cheap i get this around 9 box. Around that price.

With that kinda price i think you can said this product its okay , not soo good or either not so bad.



[Review] Deep Clean Foam Cleanser A’Pieu

Well i just know this face recently that A’pieu is little sister from Missha. I dont know what make Missha make new line make up , but well maybe they need new face for ther new cheap line

Yeah A’Pieu is very cheap from skin care to make up line they have low price. Its good for you who dont have enough money and still want learn make up. I suggest you trying from A’Pieu.

But still price cant lie

A’Pieu maybe its cheap but quality its not that good. Im not said A’pieu have bad quality its not like that , but there qaulity is average. Dont compare with like high  level

Recently i get my chance to trying their Foam Cleanser they do collab with a lot of cartoon these day and i get when they collab with Crayon Sinchan. Its bring memories back to be honest.

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They packing is nice with cryaon sinchan on its. Its cute.  Well i dont want deny all collab that A’Pieu do , all come with cute packaging. Make me cant deny to not bought all collection

That my problem

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


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This cleanser claim they can clean your make up. Yeah its true , but still i need do double cleansing to remove all make up. You cant do with one time. There still reduce make up on your face

So i suggest do double cleansing. In that part i dont mind about that. Well because honestly i do like double cleansing my face just make sure all make up already gone.

This product have some smell , like clean soap. Some people maybe dont like product who have fragnance but for me i dont mind since smell i like.  Not forge to mention how cheap this product at least i bought this one around 10 box. Its cleap for cleansing foam

Texture foam it self i cant said its perfect , but its not bad either. just So so feeling for me

Down side that i dont like baout this one , maybe because its for remove your make up  , it tend to heavey for my skin. If i use just super simple make up and use this one as cleansing i feel its to heavy for my skin

And this one its not to for you have dry skin , because it tend to make my skin feel dry after i apply. I suggest you to use this product for you who have oily skin and like me combaine skin normal to oily. For normal to dry i dont suggest to use this product because its can make your skin feel more dry after use

Another note i tend to avoid using this product if i have simple make up or clean face it tend make my skin feel more dry heavy feeling. I more like use this product when i have heavy make up.



[Review] A’pieu Aqua Nature Hydrating Management

Hey its been a while since i write something in blog…
I feel bad because i made promise to my self every week i should have at least 1 post but seems already more than 1 week i pass without any post

But i have reason beside lazy to max , i think im kinda addict make video on youtube again. At least when i was missing on blog i made 2 or 3 new video. Is good damn reason right? So for you guys please kindly check my youtube channel called fukidzid i made some video with bahasa and some with english just match everything

So now i get my new review about one product from A’pieu. I love this brand even this brand kinda new for me but their product is good and mostly cheap

The do a lot collab with cartoon like doraemon , sinchan and many more and now i have one of their product their collab with crayon sinchan , is bring my memories back

Photo 9-7-13, 10 24 03 PM

Its called Aqua Nature Hydarating management , so totally is just cream for made you skin more hydrating simple like that but packaing is so adorable. I born in sinchan area so is totally my style

Photo 9-7-13, 10 25 10 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 25 16 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 24 44 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 24 24 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 24 09 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 25 35 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 25 44 PM

Packaging is ultra cute. 10/10 for packaging. Reason why i bought this product because packaging. And lets move to cream it self

Texture is more heavy than i thought its remind me about some lotion you apply on your body , very heavy texture but when i apply its feel light and easy to apply

Photo 9-7-13, 10 26 07 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 26 49 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 27 07 PM

Honestly their product it self not outstanding as packaging. Im sorry apieu but this cream is so so i dont feel this hydration my skin like their promise i name. Sorry about that after all this product only good because their packaging and not forget to mention is cheap. For this kinda texture price is good


  • Packaging is ultra cute
  • Cheap! Around 9 box


  • Texture is heavy i dont like it
  • Its called can make you skin hydration but seems is doesnt work for me

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[Review] A’pieu Pure Block

If you know teddybearkitties from youtube , she ever mention this product in one of favorite video , so yeah because of her i get this product

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This one is sun block from A’PIEU
I know this winter season , but someone tell in korea even people use sun block when its winter.
So why not to talk about this even in winter seasson

She said how good this product and so i try since where i live now i dont have winter seasson.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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This product is really good , im use as my daily base make up. Why i said its good? Because its easy to blend and quick suck your skin so you dont need to wait

More important its doesnt have sticky feeling , usually sun block its have some sticky feeling when you apply this one doesnt. Even its have bit smell of sun block type but its doesnt mind since all sun block mostly have that kind smell

Its SPF 45 so yeah i think its perfect for daily , but if you plan to go to beach and dont want to get dark this product it not enough you need more.  Like 50 or even more

A’pieu i think is new street brand in korea is doesnt popular as etude , tony moly , etc but this brand is really good. You should give shot since i recently try their product such as cushion , lip tint and its good. I will try more in next post

Btw i got this one from online and its cost aroudn 9 dollar and shit this one is good and cheap.


  • Its quick suck your skin
  • Its doesnt have sticky feeling when you apply
  • Cheap


  • You should bought online for this one
  • Packaging is not cute but if you bought in doraemon vers (yes they have) Its cute overload

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