She Is Black

Its been a while since i upload her pic on my blog , recently its all about review and me , but well i miss see my friend on my blog , and i hope you guys miss them as much as i miss see them on my blog

And recently i been hagn out with her again , this time we decide to go to nice place and take picture at there , and this picture i get , i push her to make ootd picture for me , so i have another post beside mine

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To be honest we have pretty similar taste on fashion , but there big different with me and her , im more like go to dress for everyday look , and she more to like baddas , pans kinda look .

But after all we have same taste in fashion base on my opinion

Btw i have new video with her , so pelase subscribe my youtube channel so you can know when my video will up and…. i take ootd picture too , i will upload soon love you 🙂


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Top : Gift  / Pants : IP / Sandals : H&M / Necklace : Online store


[Review] Trivia Eye Shadow dolly Crush Make Over

Its been a while since my sister introduce me to Make Over , one of local brand from Indonesia. She said its really really good and most of all is cheap. These day is super hard to found make up product cheap with such good quality. But yeah even already almost 1 years my sister said like that , i have chance couple month ago.

Somehow i get feeling few month ago



SAM_6277_副本Get my self their small eye shadow pallet in series dolly crush. If you watching my make up tutorial you will be found that i wearing this in my one or more video.

Is much more than expect is nice , cheap and come with good quality. When i swatch color come out pretty well and three of them i like it


For pink and purple one its have glittery a bit but the black one is mate so its good for smokey eyes for party or for going in saturday night. Even packaging is nice , come like elegant like high end product made this product more awesome.

Even is travel friendly , come with small packaging with mirror and applicator made this product its just perfect to bring whenever you traveling

Honestly i cant wait to try their product , i quit love this product so i cant wait to try another one… and its became addict

Good thing

  • Cheap
  • Packaging is simple and elegant
  • Come with mirror and brush applicator made its travel friendly
  • They come with different color beside this

Bad thing

  • So far its good


And last not least if you miss my youtube channel , just wanna share you that i have my new video on my channel Saturday Date Make Up Look that i been addict when its come to Saturday. FYI i using this pallet for my satuday date make up look. So check it out okay…

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[Reviw] Wet N Wild Color Iron

Hellow fellows….. How about your day? I hope you doing super fine not like me…. Is not mean my life is super not fine , but for sure my lovely macbook pro in worsty condition. I think she/he want get my attention…


Because my macbook is just get shutdown in middle im doing something. Like seriously , i dont even do nothing and this macbook shutdown , and in the end i even cant made my macbook life again. So i bring to ibox , and like freaking crazy , he/she alive again. LIKE HELL! Is not firs time at least i been to ibox in same problem 3 times , and this last time i bring my macbook come back home.

I just can hope my macbook will be long lasting this time , because like seriously my macbook is a part of my  , is my life. Kinda feel lost when i dont have macbook around me. Even i have another laptop with windows but seriously i feel windows is really sucks. I cant even bare to using windows , so what i do just play with my nds , its been my addiction since my macbook gone.

Okay that its talk about my macbook… Lets talk what should i talk…


Official get my self firs wet and wild product. Seriously my sister talk about this one too much. I dont even interesting with this product , but because she talking about how good this product in drug store category so okay i give try. And first time i try the eyeshadow one… I think this small pallet its interesting

Come with silver , hot pink , and black. It should be awesome to use , is what i think.



Come with small brush which i bet its really travel friendly. And because its come with plastic packaging is really light. So for you who really travel a lot and need some small pallet for night time i think you can consider this one for you bring.


And after i swatches its come really pretty , same like in actually color. Beside i dont like the pink one , i have some color from body shop and that one from body shopp its so much better thank this one. But i love the black and silver one , come with really pretty color long lasting , pigmentation is really nice.

Even come with some boring and ‘cheap’ packaging but i think if come back to think about this one is drug store product and about their quality. You can said over all this product is really good! Not because i never expect some good drug store , i know outside there a lot of good drug store product , and this one is include.

So maybe this time because im feel happy enough with wet and wild product in future i will try their product more. Maybe it will be more and more nice product if i explore more.


Good thing

  • Packaging is really travel friendly even come with small brush for made you easy to bring when traveling
  • Color is really nice , come out very well.
  • Long lasting , pigmentation is nice
  • Come with instructions how to use all this color.

Bad thing

  • Pink color is kinda not right beside the other

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[Review] The Face Shop Liquid Eyeliner

Hello guys , first i really want say sorry i been away for a bit long time , like i said before im away because i enjoy my life. But now i will come back for more post , but not because im not enjoy my life , but yeah its just happen. Sometimes you get boring with real life right?

Okay i dont want to talk much more again. Let me introduce you to something good.

SAM_5080_副本Its liquid eyelinear from the face shop. Seriously im not big fans of liquid eyeliner , i more prefer pencil eyelinear , crayon , or yeah gel eyelinear. Reason? Im not good with liquid

And other thing about liquid eyeliner i dont like its because its take a long time for get dry , i dont have that much time specially come to morning i want made everything fast so i prefer using pencil

But i get wrong from this one. Its really nice , for me who really hate liquid eyelinear this one is super amazing!





The reason why i lke this one , is much more quick dry than usually liquid eyeliner , is really black. I really love black eyeliner who really have really black color. You understand right what i mean? And other thing is come with small brush so you if you want made small eyeliner this one is really good.

Usually i will using this one when i want have simple eye make up which mean i should have really thick eyeliner its really help me a lot.

But bad thing about this one is not waterproof but even is not waterproof is really long lasting. At least when i hang out in morning i dont need to touch up my eyelinear until aroun 5 or 6 pm. Is quiet long day right? So yeah….




SAM_2345_副本Its super lovely eyeliner for who you dont big fans of liquid eyeliner but want have at least one of liquid eyeliner. I suggest you to buy this one. Is really awesome you will not regret to buy.

Good thing :

  • So far is the liquid eyeliner which really fast dry
  • The color is really black like really!
  • Come with small brush so its help you to made thick eyeliner
  • The price is adorable

Bad thing :

  • Not waterproof
  • Packaging is kinda suck



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[Review] Revlon Eyelinear Grow Luscious


Finally i try this one after i buy for 5 month already. Because my favorite crayon pencil eyelinear from the face shop (the best of the best crayon pencil eyelinear!) so i decide to try another , And its not bad at all!


Revlon Grow Lucsious. Eyelienar Crayon Pencil from Revlon you can said this new maybe already at Indonesia around 1 year or more maybe 2 years. Because come with super branded name like Revlon why not to try how good this eyelinear?

For my opinion package like you see its kinda boring (sorry for yellow lamp) its come with green color , i dont know i dont like the color of this pencil its kinda cheap , i prefer with packaging with black color its more elegant right?

So here how the pencil crayon eyelinear look like


More close laaa


The shape like that because i already using for many times. So basic the shape of this pencil not bad like that , like other pencil eyelinear laaa… But this eyelinear no waterproof maybe because come with price like 10 box so its not waterproof from branded make up brand like revlon ? Maybe laaa… But i like the color of this eyelinear , really! Super black , like i want!

Color its pretty right?





I love the black color of this eyelinear crayon , and its easy to using. So for beginer you can start from eyelinear like this , its super easy. In the end before i close this review i will made it into point so more easy to you understanding laaa…

Good point

  • The black color its really good , super black i really like it!
  • Price its not expensive around 10 box and you get eyelinear form branded make up brand like revlon
  • Easy to using , if you try to apply eyelinear for first time i think its really match
  • Soft ( i dont know how to describe) But some eyelinear i know its really harsh to using but its not!
  • Easy to get , all revlon store must have this one , or any kind of drug store


Bad point

  • No waterproof
  • If you rub to strong it will be messy

Super many good think i give for review this product , even this eyelinear still not my super favorite one (my favorite one still the face shop laaa) But its really good , the color its pretty but yeah no waterproof. Like many people said you must pay more for something more , so maybe in this case its work. Since its around 10 box from revlon so its not waterproof . But who care if you wear for everyday without work with water laaa