Eugene The Goat

These day i been hectic with anything start from my life till my work , everything is mess and i trying tomake everything right its need time , btu still even i get that much time , i cant get enough with all hectic my life been

If i have time i prefer to watching series or just lay down playing game or do nothing instead of go out find something to write.

Even i have some material still im to lazy to edit and post

That my life now , how i life as woman in age 24

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I expect too much from this place Eugene The Goat , even at first place how i get there is not pleasure adventure , the road is not kidding at all , its very bad and i driving small car , good for him he still barely good until this time.

Even the road is not pleasure , but after i arrive they give me what i expect and to be honest its more than i expect , place is really good , its make me feel refresh and calm

With good vibe and i have good friend fro company me ,everything goes smooth and just good in many term condition

I like my time i spent here , everything its so relaxing , perfect its seem what i worry is blow away because wind go to crazy kekeke

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Coffee its good , not that bad its good after all , but something i realize that smell of coffee its not strong i prefer drinking coffee with strong smell of coffee , but even its not make me pleasure its good

Good still good

For food i go with croisan , beef croisan its not bad , its good but not my style instead i prefer nutella beagel its super sweet , for sweet tooth like me its perfect , its just like heaven

Just if i have chance and not to lazy , i will like to visit this place again , its really relaxing , its hard for me to find place make feel relaxing usually cafe around my area just hectic , super hectic one so when i visit cafe i just feel more pleasure but this time i glad i feel relaxing



Soda Chill


Let me chill for second…..

I dont have a lot activity recently but somehow i feel tired , i mean im really tired. Too many pressure this day , made me feel so hard to breath so yeah i take my time to chill a bit.

This love is massive , i always feel chill and relax when i came here. Atmosphere  really support to became more chill and relax. Soda , yeah its new cafe or resto in Bandung. Not many people know because its really new and i can said is not enough visible because their location beside hotel and the hotel more visible than their resto

Different with other resto at hotel , this resto is much much relax and much much cheap.FYI anything hotel sell is more expensive than other , but this one is not. Their price is resto level so its normal





First i like about this resto is their design and how i feel is not like in Bandung. Feel like in Bali or yeah anyway not in Bandung because its rare to see cafe or resto lik this with mini swimming pool in Bandung

Yeah you not wrong , they have mini version of swimming pool , they even have shower at their bathroom. Which i curious what their concept excatly and can i swimming? HAHAHA


Beside their place is nice , the food also not bad quiet nice for me.

IMG20150319162001_副本Hawai pizza island for 55K. Its thin cripsy and they dont put a lot of tomato which i like. But i can said their meat is more less than their veggie. To you who like pineapple in pizza you should try this one because they give a lot of pineapple. I love pineapple in pizza , its made more pizza fresh?


Thailand spring roll for 40K. Is nice cripsy and their inside its totally good! I love this on too


Last i got that day tiramitsu coffee cake 30K. What you need beside dessert to end your meal right? I got this one with my friend , and end i eat all why because my friend said this tiramitsu is not fresh , but i dont thing so , maybe its because taste really different with normal tiramitsu. But i can said is not good. From all i order this one is sucks


Actually my friend got some juice , which i dont know because i dont put attention to her order but its nice since i try. For me Bear Radler is all i need to put more chill

This place okay to made on list , beside they have different vibe from other cafe or resto in Bandung. They food is not nice. More than anything i love their service even they dont have a lots of waiters when i came , but every waiters server you with smile which i like.

Like other cafe this place have wi-fi too so dont worry , if you need to working or finish your homework maybe you can visit here.

What else… eum yeah the other suck thing is their parking area. For you who bring car its really trouble because they parking space is small. Because is small , its really trouble to parking here. I try with my own car its okay but with my mom car which more bigger than my care i just feel i wanna crying… T_T



SODA Resto & Bar

Ir. H. Juanda No. 3 (Dago), Bandung, West Java 40115, Indonesia

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Cheese Season

Its been a while since im not hang out in Bene…
Dont have any special reason , just because im stick with Starbucks and i forget about bene. Recently i made my time come back to bene again , and since that time im stick with bene… T_T


Hong chul became bene icon for this time. For you who dont know about him , he is mc and comedy from korea. He quietly famous at there. And i found he really funny person

Wintermenu-kogiaThey have cheese for this season! I dont know until when they will have this one , but last week i come back again they still have , so is not called season 2014 but 2015…

Im already try triple cheese foundue and peppermint mocha its super awesome. I falling in love with both of them… The cheese one is super cheese. For you who really love cheese you should try its really like poision but good.

And because i like almost all drink with peppermint i like mocha peppermint. And my suggest you should try misugaru based with any kind of peanut they mix together. For first time maybe taste a bit weird. But after a while you used it you became addict at least for me its like that. Taste really unique and more tasty server with hot better than cold





Full of cheese and bread is really cruncy. When i was try for first time i like woaaahhh how can it became super good like this? Is really good , im serious.


Come her with jess. Just only both of us. Duh…. Since she became available aka single she have a bunch of time with me now. Feel weird after a while we never hang out together that often…

Honestly i feel good either


SAM_6365_副本Some random shot that jess take for me. Im not in style to show my face at that time… But yeah since is already happen just share you some of my face



Random shot i take because i found it cute. But after i think is just my own joke


“Im so hot , baby!!!”

So for you guys maybe already sick with starbucks need another coffee shop , you should try bene they have new menu since we always think bene only have bingsoo , and maybe you can try peppermint mocha they new drink or misugaru

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Bee Have Miss

Almost local people know if i mention about my hometown , city of culinary. Yeaps… My city have a lot of good stuff from fashion to culinary.  For me Bandung is other world for Heaven Of Food. We have tons of good local food here. Super love !

These day a lot of new cafe and restaurant open at Bandung , i still manage to catch up visit one by one and of course i will share to you guys. And this time i share about Miss Bee.


Miss Bee have two place outdoor and indoor. I choice indoor for first time , why? Not have special reason just i see we need wait more to get outdoor so we just go in.

Because is new place , please dont wonder if you get on waiting list , i get waiting list when im second time come here. Is not take a long time , im glad but my friend does. He at least wait for 30 minute. Crazy la , for eat at Bandung. We dont wait too much usually




The awesome part they have some play ground. When last time i play at play ground? I miss my child time , when i can so easy see play ground and play at there. This time i get hard time to see play ground , we dont have a lot of play ground i mean we have at mall , but outside which free is rare

Ask to Jul for to be my model , i cant play because im not wearing mini skirt , envy to her who play so comfortable because wearing pants. I must wearing pants more


Order Time!


We bump with someone , and he said their have good meal , and he suggest us to try honey ribs. Seriously is super awesome! So juicy and tasteful , ahh!!! So amazing taste i give this one 4/5 minus one for small portion of rice! Seriously the rice is so small. Not enough eat this if you feel so hungry


Get meat pizza at that time too , i forget the name. Sorry again. Typical pizza thin i like how crunchy this pizza but i dont know i don really like the taste. Is not good like i expect so here i give point 3/5


And is kit kat shake or what , i forget but some drink have name with kit kat. Taste!?! AMAZING. I never ever try something good drink like this before of course full score for this kit kat stuff 5/5







After all i can decide what point i give to ms bee. Service 4/5 , i dont know maybe because i sit in corner they dont give us enough attention. We get hard time to ask them for something. HUH.

And for their place 4/5. Their place is really good , have indoor and outdoor part which all pretty and romantic if you come in night but is hard to get here. The street is not kidding hard , if you newbie driver please more give more attention , maybe you can bump into something , the light part is so terrible , just put more attention

My friend ootd style wonder if you like their style kekeke







Jl. Rancabentang no 11A, Ciumbuleuit – Bandung

Instagram : Fukidz | Twitter : Fukidz | Youtube : Wejesskidz / Fukidzworld
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Gong Xi…Gong Xi…

Gong Xi… Gong Xi… for you who celebrate Lunar…
Lunar time is always be my favorite special day , in this day you get a lot of money for who still single like me , and other thing hmmm you can meet all your relative. Is hard to meet all your relative if you have big family like me. So is really good time , spent time with your family is all you need

Like every lunar time , i spent my lunar new year eve with my parent , we eating together and go to temple for pray. Pray for everything we get for 1 years , is important.

But this lunar new years eve a little bit different , after i spent my time with my family and go temple for pray. Me and my close friend decide to eat dinner together. Yeah is late dinner , but who care laaa.

We decide to Lacamera , is new cafe in town but im just falling in love with this cafe , beside is interior is nice food is damn good too! My favorite is pasta here , and coffe and mojito too… anyway all thing here over all is good la ,




Like i said my favorite from Lacamera is Pasta and Jul favorite is sweet Pancake , im not big fan of Pancake so i dont have any comment for pancake , i thing all pancake or waffle is same

Get some Pomodoro Pasta (my favorite) and for Jul she order Green Tea Waffle





I suggest you to try out this new place if you drop to Bandung. You must try this one , they service is nice 5/5. Food 5/5 and price 5/5. I think i give a perfect score for this place , yes i do.. So try out Lacamera , and you will be like it. If you interest here i give you address

Lacamera Coffee
Naripan 79 , Bandung West Jawa.

Other reason why you must visit this place , everyday they have such a greet deal for you. So go to there and see what greet day will you get at day. And if you really love coffee just go there directly because they coffee is not kidding good.

Back to my story….

Seriously at that time we go to 3 place , and almost all we go is close , only Lacamera who still open until 11 PM. I already said to my self if Lacamera close we just directly go to MCD , im sure MCD still open at that time.

Anyway… Guess who come with us? I think you must be already know if you always stalk my blog.. Yeah no one else our little sister Jea… Hmmmh miss her huh?



See her silly acting… She really sill and somehow a bit annoying. But she nice.. Go started to stalk her blog imjesskim. You will be like her or no…???

Grab sometimes with your best friend on lunar new year eve is really good choice. I think we will spent out lunar new year in future too when we getting older. Best friend is family too right?





Good friend in Good time such a wonderful day



Its typical me , or all teenager in Bandung. Whenever we have new cafe we will go and check that place  , how good that place. Try to  be ‘exist’. HAHAHA . And seriously im not that ‘exist’ person , not that too much. But check new place is my one my hobby too , and yeah a lot of good review about this cafe , so why not to give try…

But honestly its not my first time come to here , okay first time come to Bene at Bandung. But before im come a lot to Bene when im at Shanghai. But this time is in Bandung , so different case la. So here we go… For first time go hang out with girls to Bene.




This place is quietly nice la. Is not same like in Shanghai , but yeah almost their menu is same , like ice bingsoo . But other is not same la. Interior is nice to , super comfortable , you can enjoy here for long time for chilling.


Get nice mojito for Nemo because she cant drink coffee. And this one is one my suggest , because is one of my favorite drink at here. And its nice , nemo like too. Mojito original here is really damn good. You must try if you come to here.


and Rachel order some hot latte , unfortunately i not try and im forget name. I dont know how taste but Rachel said is really nice la!



And for me i get Mint Latte , is damn nice! One of my favorite drink too , and for some note. Is more cheap than Starbucks. Large size is around 4 USD , and taste is nice laa!




And for food we order Honey Cheese Bread. Is really weird taste because cheese and honey mix together. But somehow is really perfect match. If you cheese lover you must try this one!




Price is around 4 USD and it think the portion is enough , not small. So you can share with your friend. I doubt if i can eat all by my self . I think i cant do that. Is too much. So yeah for that price and you can share with friend i think is good.

The order thing we can lost and forget is Bingsoo…!! Actually we want Green tea one , but i dont know why we get red bean bingsoo , for some mistake we get different thing. But i think is still nice.



Get big portion of Bingsoo with only 4 USD , is damn nice! And the read bean is really a lot! If you really like red bean you must order this one. Im big fan of red bean , and of course i will said is damn good!

Like i said this bingsoo have big portion. Even we share to 3 person , we still cant eat all. Maybe because we order a lot of thing , so we cant eat all. But seriously is really a lot….





Some random picture capture by nemo when im searching some red bean in big bowl



Sorry Rachel for upload this picture , but seriously you look super funny  and for me im look good enough HAHA


Hang out with girls always is super fun , even i like hang out with boys too , or mix. But with only girls is the best thing. You can share  A LOT of think , and we really have a lot of topic when we hang out together.

Never feel more fun like hang out with my girls






If you release our clothes is same , tank top and with strip. Seriously i really shock when i pick up them. Because we not made a promise using like this clothes. At not me , they made a promise before they want wearing strip clothes. But for my case im dont know. Is really weird something like this could happen , maybe is called miracle?

Random picture










After all im like Bene. Their coffee , food and ice si pretty good. Of course with good price too! And their cafe is damn nice , you can enjoy chilling , chit chat with friend for long time.

If you interest to come to Bene you can go to Dago. I dont know excatly the address but is before Golden Monkey or TBI dago. Is easy to find , because is new is firs time come to Bandung , so will a lot of car around Bene. So you can find easy.

I suggest you to check out this cafe if you come to Bandung. You will not regret la….!

Mango Six Chilling Like Drama


If you fan of drama korea you maybe familiar with Mango Six. Yeaps… Cafe which exit in many korea drama. Recently if you watching The Heirs you will see Mango Six too! Beside The Heirs , Gentelman Dignity have many screen shot in this cafe too. So in short word i can said this is drama cafe…

Yesterday i asking to my friend to accompany me to come here. Im really begging like crazy to him , because this cafe is really really far from down town Shanghai , and the most think i dont like its far from train station so you must take to taxi to come here otherwise you have car.

Im begging to him to accompany almost need 1 week. Thx God its Friday its come. After he finish from all suck his activity , he agree to come with me , i dont want spent time at cozy cafe alone. Is kinda suck!

The interior cafe , is almost same like i see in drama , their sofa , table , cashier , almost same. Kinda you know starbucks shop everywhere you go , its almost same. But Mango Six i think is more comfortable than Starbucks (or maybe i already sick with Starbucks)





If you dont know what is Mango Six , is cafe Korea brand cafe at is really famous at Korea. You can said is the biggest cafe at Korea in this moment. At least they have much more store than Starbucks ( can you imagine that!?!)

Is kinda cool right? Honestly their interior is so bright , really good to taking a picture because so many lamp at there. Good place for take many selca hahaha , here some of my selca… ><



My friend asking me why im look so upset , and not happy in fact i already begging to him like crazy for accompany me to here. Im not sad , seriously im very happy look what i see only in drama , but now exit in real life , in front of me. Why i must sad? Im seriously happy…

But yeah i cant stop thinking about my friend and my sister….

They will be super happy if have chance to come to Mango Six , i bet 100% they will be happy , and we will talking non stop about this cafe. It will be super awesome if happen , and of course i will be super happy too! But yeah im coming her with my suck friend who dont know anything about korea drama , or even mango six is exit in this world!

He said even he dont know about mango six , why i begging to him super crazy to come here , but he said this cafe is not bad at all! Even for someone who dont know about mango six , he said is not bad and more surprise he said is more better than Starbucks. I think he already sick like me to Starbucks!

The best think about Mango Six , they have many variant of food , drink , and coffee. Its much more than starbucks… And dont know why they even have yoghurt. Ahahaha i dont know how the taste because i dont try but we try their drink and food too!

Our food





I order drink one , and he order food. I dont know what name about all food  , like seriously they writing in chinese , and my chinesse is not that good. So i dont know , i just know what i order is most famous drink from Mango Six is lemon so its sour , they have many different of lemon , many color. I dont know what different but the famous one if you want try the blue like i order or the red one.

If you like sour drink you maybe like this one , is sour and little sweet. My friend dont like it cause is sour so he drink ice americano , i dont take a picture of ice americano because is not special at all. Like ice americano you can buy everywhere laaa

We still dont eat when we come to here , so we try order their food. Is cake with cream and caramel. Taste is like bread , with cream and caramel. Not special at all but if you need more cream just asking to them , they will give you extra cream and caramel if you want for free! Hahaha At least we already order 2 time to give us cream and caramel.

And for price i forget exactly how much but after all almost like 30 rengmingpi something. Is quietly standar price for cafe. Yeah same price la like Starbucks etc





View from our desk




This place is awesome , their interior is super nice. They have indoor and outdoor too , so you can still smoke with enjoy cup of coffee or tea outside. And the most important every desk have at least one electric outlet so you can charge your phone , laptop , etc while you wifi

Yeah of course they have wifi , i think every cafe have wifi in this era…

Ofter all i really like and glad coming to here. Is really cool place. Even seriously i dont even know why mango six open store super far from down town Shanghai. Like seriously is really far away from down town. At least almost need 1 hours to get here with taxi from my place.

I like this place so much , but why so far from my place!?! If is not far , like seriously i will come here almost everyday! Hahaha




In the end i just wanna said something to Mango Six , i really like your cafe , beside is come out from drama. But yeah after all as costumer i like your product so much. I just hope if someone who work at Mango Six company read my post , please thinking to open at Indonesia , or Singapore maybe?

At least i can come in future if you open your store there…

If you interest to come to Mango Six Shanghai i put their address

Mango Six Shanghai
Jinhui Nan Lu near Hongquan Lu