[Review] Clio Kill Cover Foundation Lingerie

As you know im not person into foundation if come to face product , i more like wearing bb cream or cc cream or cushion. Its feel more lighter on my skin. But even i prefer them i still need foundation. I always yous foundaiton if i need go to some big event , like party , wedding party and other important event there event you need take a tons of picture.

And when come to foundation i always want to which have high coverage and this foundation its been around me and became one of my favorite korea foundation.

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Its from Clio , Kill Cover foundation as their claim in their name , kill cover they claim this foundation have high cover. And it its.

Its long lasting too and what else come with 35 SPF i think its perfect for foundation

Im super impress with Clio brand , so far i been trying their product all its good. Even Clio you can said its baby cosmetic brand. As far as i know they just come out recenty even but you can believe their quality because they came with same company as peripera

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Packing it self its very nice , i love packing it self , its look expensive even its not expensive , yeah compare to other korea cosmetic their price its bit higher but if you compare to western product this one its cheap , and have good coverage like western product i love

Texture its bit liquid but not so much , its in right texture so its make you easy to use this product.

And this product you can add more layer on it. If you want see life swatch watch this video so you can see more detail on swatch. Yeah i already talking about this product couple month ago , and now i decide to talk on my blog cause i want you guys more know.

How much i adore this product.

Down side about this product well , they dont have too much range color , its okay for you who have white skin you can find right color , but if you more dark skin compare to me , i want you gusy more carefour to find good shades for you.

So for you who really want try korea foundation beside etude who have good coverage , i suggest you guys to check this product. Its perfect!



[Review] Innisfree Smart Foundation Long Lasting

You know what….
When i was living in SH everywhere i go i always see innisfree , they have bunch of innisfree store at SH , and no one its Etude. But here when i was come back ther bunch of etude but i can find singel of innisfree.

There only way i can do when i was missing innisfree is order online. But seriously bought online sometimes its pain like ass. Some of order is ready stock but some we need wait at least couple week till mouth to get.

But even like that , i still bought online because its only way to do.

So because i miss hardly innisfree product i order recently and i feel good to share about this product


Its called innisfree smart foundation long lasting , its should be long lasting and more heavy since its foundation. I doubt about long lasting actually… Somehow is dont that much long lasting but its stick in perfect time






Even its called foundation but somehow its really light , the texture its very watery easy to blend. I feel when i wearing this foundation i wearing bb cream. Even for coverage is not high coverage its medium to high coverage so its feel same than foundation.

Since im not kinda foundation gal , but trying to like foundation gal. This product its perfect fit with me.

I go with number 13. Honestly i bought this is gambling. I dont know what kinda color with suitable for me since i bought online can try it but come to price its around 10 box , so just give a shot. Come to foundation its not expensive so if its not match with my skin tone maybe i can give to somebody else

Lets see before and after its before i apply


And this one after i apply


Let compare


Gladly its match with my skin tone. So i dont need wasting my money and second , its look not foundation right even its called foundation.

Its not coverage like i said , you still need counselor to coverage up your redness , dark circle , pimple , etc. Not forget to mention this one its come with 30 spf its really nice for foundation.

Come to packaging , i dont know innisree always lack for packaging. Almost product i see come from innisfree its come with boring packaging not like etude which all product they have come very overload cute of packaging. No for packaging its too boring

So far i love this  foundation its give nice and smooth finish , its natural too. Easy to blend , smell is nice either. Even its a bit far for called foundation , i dont know i feel its more like bb cream than foundation. And talk about long lasting this product its good , its not long lasting like hell but its keep nice until the end


  • Its give silky and smooth finish
  • Texture is very watery easy to blend
  • Very natural
  • Come with many different shades


  • They dont have high coverage like other foundaiton
  • Its very light so its more like bb cream than foundation somehow
  • Packaging its very boring

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[Review] Etude Sun BB Cream

For you who like do sport at outdoor , Etude will save you skin from the sun! Yeah new Etude BB cream will save you skin , actually face from sun ! And believe me , this bb cream is super awesome!

With SPF 50 is one of biggest SPF (actually bb cream with SPF only few and with small SPF like 20 or 30 something) and yeah this bb cream have protect you face so much! And with shinning and anti wrinkle made you face forever young! Kekekeke , And say no to afraid to sun! Because after using this bye bye sun , bye bye dark skin on face…

You can using this product when you go out , not just doing some sport outdoor , for someone who spent whole day at outside  of course you need this! Because sun is really bad , i hate sun , because i have a skin who easy going dark , but so hard to going white again. So yeah i afraid with sun , but after etude have this , i think i not so afraid with sun again

When you buy this , you will get sponge , and its made so east to using , you dont need new sponge , or using brush or maybe using hand because is so complicated , because this bb cream with sponge yeah , is super easy to using , and yeah i suggest you this product to take care everywhere you go out , this product so good for traveling because super easy to using!

If that sponge already going dark , and yeah so bad to using , Etude sell the sponge , i forget the price but yeah they sale the sponge for you change.


And yeah you can see how my hand when already using this bb cream. I buy the light one , and is supper cover my face! Etude Sun BB Cream have 3 variant dark one , normal one and light one.

Actually i recommend for boy using this one too , for protect you skin from sun just think as sunblock. If boy/ man i think  better chose the normal one no light one like i buy.

And yeah you can see my hand with sun bb cream , and without sun bb cream , so different. My hand with sun bb cream so bright and is cover… I really like this product because Indonesia is tropical country , too much sunny day so i better using this bb cream if i dont want my face getting more dark.

Ah… i never using this bb cream or bb cream with SPF when i go out in night , because i think is just spent money , bb cream with spf actually more expensive than without. So why i must using bb cream with SPF when sun is already gone? And what i now foundation / bb cream with spf is more heavy than without. So yeah becareful when you chose bb cream/fondation , you must see condition you need bb cream/fondation with/without spf.

Picture below this is when i already using sun bb cream etude for go out all of my face!