Whenever you meet someone you must know you will say good bye to that person or maybe to another person
Its life , someone come and someone go away

Lost one friend , its became everybody problem. I bet almost all reader have been in this problem. Lost your friend.

Either me. I lost one of my bf , and its almost 1 years. From we very close to each other. Always contact each other with line , skype , whats up , and now we just stranger. We act like we dont know each other , like we never close before.

I dont know why  , she suddenly disappear , i try call her , and pretending nothing happen like everything its good. Start talk about something we like , but she just reply so cool and she disappear. At first i think i was to sensitive maybe i got wrong idea that she want disappear from my life , but after a while i feel im not wrong yeah she try. And i let her disappear btw.

Yeah i let

Friendship for me its understanding each other its no perfect , respect each other , and fight for each other. That mean about friendship for me. But if she not try to fight for this relationship since i already try , so yeah what can i do its let her go. Let her disappear.

Honestly at first i sad , who is not sad lost bf? But you know its life , you need that feel. Feeling lost someone so you can feel gladly full with what you have now.

Im sure she have new world , new world without me with new bf. And me i get new world without her and still with my some of old bf. Team heal , im sure. Because its what i feel now , at first i lost her i feel bad about that and i wanna solve this problem i dont want her disappear. In other side i cant push her stuck with me since she dont want. FYI we dont have any problem we dont fight about something but someday she try to disappear. She choice to leave me , so what i can do its leave her go.

Im fine…. Thx to time who always healing my pain….
And of course to my family and my old bf who always beside me…. ALWAYS

Btw for you who maybe read my blog…

Hey girl….

I know we became stranger now. And maybe its to late to make it seems nothing happen. I wish all the best for you , and if i do something bad for you im sorry. I know how i always make funny for you but im not sure is that reason why you want disappear but i just only thinking about that. Only that reason why you decide leave me. Its my part but i can get rid its bad part of me i know , but can you just remember good part for me , if you more remember about that just a little bit maybe our relationship never like this. But yeah its already happen i cant said anything. Btw i know you already graduate and somehow i cant mention in front of you because you never tell me directly you already graduate. Congtraz for your graduate i hope the best for you. And yeah… Im sorry for all thing i done to you im not perfect but you either i thing we can understanding each other but we wrong now we decide to walk with our own part so hope the best for you , hope for you happiness and all good thing….

Your ex best friend

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This post 100% made with smile


Catch Up Baby!

Always remember person who being nice and to be her/him self when he/she with you

Like you know i dont have a lot of friend , just few friend i always catch up with them. Im not lazy to have a lot friend , i do. I have a lot friend but i only catch up with friend who i think match with me , accept me as i am and when he/she with me she/he became her/him self ( i know i write a lot of she/he sorry!)

Recently im busy , i cant too often catch up with my friend. But i made schedule of course for them , catch up with my friend is my priority too. So even im too busy i will give my time too catch up with my friend even i must cut my sleep time.

Is always happen , when i busy and made my time for catch up with my friend , i will cut my rest time , so yeah im will be extreme tired , but i get all think because i know what i do is good thing , made me happy when i can catch up with my friend.



After im come back from Shanghai , im extreme busy , im ready to finish my target. Of course i have target , who dont have have target when life? I bet all people have target so am i

So what my target? For now i will keep secret i will tell you when im finish my target.

I dont tell you because im afraid maybe i will failed finish my target , my target is must finish is rules number one. But reason why i dont tell you because im still do the best , so i dont want talk too much , before i can see my target at least finish 30 percent maybe?

Is not me too who busy with own life , even my friend too. They busy with their life , so when they have time , i have time we decide to catch up with each other. So here we go , i just recently catch up with my friend , Shanghai Friend.

Why i call Shanghai friend , because i meet her in Shanghai? She my friend who always beside me when i made a journey in Shanghai. So glad still can meet her. Super miss her!



SAM_1657_副本Reason why we can be so close until now , maybe because we have a lot of  similar. We like take a picture object or our self , we like culinary , we like hmmm a lot of think same , mostly. Because our similar is super easy to us match each other.

And most reason why i love with her , i can be who am i when im with her!

Im really big mouth aka i talk a lot , so i talk a lot share a lot of story complain and  she listen all my junk stuff nice. Catch up with her made me miss my life in Shanghai , someday maybe soon i will come back to Shanghai from hate that city to miss that city. Weird


Dafuk , like usually she ‘autis’ with her phone and come back ignore me

That day i dont have a lot of time to talk more with her , sadly. I need to meet my friend so , maybe is only 2 or 3 hours we spent time together , and is not enough. I know 2 / 3 hours is not just wink is enough time to do many thing , but when come to friend who you not meet for 5 month you need more time , at least 5 hours!?! LOL

Just hope i can catch up again with her soon , yeah we already to decide to catch up soon , but still search time for catch up! See u soon in next post my Shanghai Friend

I made this post with 100% smile. XD

Eating Crazy Like Romantic On Valentine


Okay , should i tell you im single?? NO FLOWER NO BOY!
Im not heart breaker because im single , im proud to be single. No? Not really but not upset too being single. I have good friend who accompany me so i dont have time for sad.

Like usually , i just hanging with my girls on Valentine. We plan this dinner super fast , we talking about nothing and than just pop up “What we doing on Valentine?” i asked , because all single , so we dont really have plan on Valentine. And than we chit chat with each other and decide to go dinner together.



Decide to go to Valley Suki , to eat some BBQ and of course Suki. Anyway im not big fans of suki , so i cant eat well suki , i just eat BBQ only. And is really really madness to max. Why? We eating like crazy , we craving for meat so whenever side you see on our table you can easy find MEAT!

Okay me and my girls is same , we really mate lover. No days without meat!



Seriously the meat is super yummy. Absolute perfect meat , meat , meat every where!

“Dear meat , why you yummy? You too much yummy so i cant live without you.”

I just bit shock when that day we came. Why? I think will be a lot of people come there , but no. I wrong. Is not much people when we come that day. Is really weird when we come we dont see a lot people. Maybe because is all you can eat restaurant so nobody who date go to there. I dont know laa


Busy grill meat!

And this how look we destroy our table. Spechles



Have good friend on special date like Valentine is really nice. Even we dont have boyfriend , but maybe is not our time to spend with boyfriend ,  i trust Jesus wanna me to focus spent my time with my family and my friend right now. Im not sad because that , time when i must spent with boyfriend will be come. Maybe next year.

Because we busy to eating we dont talk too much , even we dont talk to much , or we dont talk each other at all. Just feel comfortable. Whenever condition we talk much or silent if we just with each other we feel comfortable. Is hard to have friend who made you comfortable white any condition.



Me with ‘Da Jie’. Hai da jie!



Before Da Jie come and joint with us , selca and selca everywhere



Guess what , i just realize i have tons of pic with Jess , more than with anyone else. Guess because what?No , i dont have special reason why my picture with jess much more than with anyone else





My favorite picture with Jess


You can said is me and Jess only , but we have Jul in this pict , but she really small.
Failed group picture LOL








Always love being dorky with them… Ahahaha we really have a lot of same common



When Nemo should gone. Ahaha im really like to hide her at picture!


And last together picture thx to waiter to take our picture really nice. Really feelnawesome when see result , is really nice , he really can take picture very well. Mostly if we ask someone to take our picture result is not nice , but this one is super nice! He can be pro photographer!




Younger line


Dont forget to selca la



You maybe realize i open all my outware. Why? Is not because i want but seriously that time i eat is super hot. I cant endure hot feeling so i decide to open my outware. Is not look nice lerr


Yeah i have pink hair on Valentine day. Even i dont have boyfriend but i really wanna celebrate Valentine with someone i love. So yeah for Valentine Pink Hair come to me Baby!

Just realize how much picture i have in this post. Seriously i cant pick one , at least all is good all have good memories for me and my friend. Happiness

Hey reader what are you doing in valentine day few days ago? I hope you celebrate it with happy and full of love. But not only share love and happy only in Valentine days , share your love and happy all day if you can. It can made world more beautiful . Is not?

Pink Hair Baby….!!!

Get pink hair is my dream , dont know why i really like pink hair or puple or blue anyway color who not mainstream..
Cotton candy color is my favorite color for hair , in real life get cotton candy hair is not that easy , but yeah for first i get my pink hair.

Just love it , when see my hair to be pink.. Feel like dream come true!



Lunar already pass , my wallet is getting big after lunar because angpao. Love angpao so much…!!! And when my wallet getting bigger , is mean time for hang out. Spent my time with my girls..

You should be know who my girls right…?


SAM_1449_副本Silly picture for first HAHA

I know if you always stalk me on blog , you must be know , i dont really have a lot of friend. I almost hang out with same person. But yes am i  , i dont really have a lot friend , even i know a lot of people but not mean they my friend , they only person i know.

For your information , i only hang out with best friend , is more comfortable for me. Who feel not comfortable hang out with best friend right?

This time we decide to go to Dusun Bambu , but i think all we dont know how to get there , actually i have been at there on time but i not get attention in street i too busy talking so i forget , and the rest they still never ever go to there. So yeah… we blind

And we realize we pass it when we call someone , so in short time we decide to go to near place around us , and the near place is Sapu Lidi , so we go to there. Glad my friend never go to there , so we have new moment together , is important


Our food that that Nasi Timbel for me and Mie Jawa for Rachel and Jotha. For food is 3/5. Is just too so so for me , not special and for price 4/5 expensive but yeah is price place around Lembang , always more expensive , and for place i think 4/5 is nice to relax

And for snack i order corn. And is not nice , they dont have any taste like chili or sweet so i dont really like their corn.


Me and Rachel






My feel when i take a picture with Jotha


Yeah i just get only one picture with Jotha on my camera… Feel sorry for her HAHA






Jotha aka Nemo


Anyway Nemo get new nick name , she became Bupres AKA Bu President for you who dont know what mean , still dont know ahahah its only for us or who you can speak Indonesia / Malay



Ah… Get another selca with bupres


Selca time



Always feel super fun hang out with they , whenever i want to talk just talk without thinking because they person who know me so well.

Thx God for give them to be my best friend , even sometime i feel annoying with them specially with Jotha. But i know sometimes their feel same like i feel them , thx for taking care me so much… Dont know how glad i am have good friend like them… Feel glad and bless




Home Still The Best

Finally! Finally….
I come back home. Seriously im come back too early , because one and two problem so i come  back home. And seriously its not good reason for come back.

I always pray to come back soon as possible , and im come back really  early but because the reason i hate , feel super suck!

Anyway… forget about reason im come back , and lets move on….

When im come back , one thing i really want , hang out!
Hang out with family and of course my best friend!!!!!

Im really really sad when i can meet  my friend which school in Singapore because if the time period right , im come back and right time , i cant meet him. But because im come back early, so i can meet him. Its really one of a lot of think i can feel glad because im come back early.


Decide to eat sushi together , because we sushi love!
Yeah im official sushi fans! HAHAHA

Actually one of our friend , called jotha or nemo , she must come with us. But because one and two problem so she cant made it , so only tree of us. Even with her , we still have fun together , chit chat , laugh , in short world we really have fun!

Great friend , Great time.

Our Sushi!!!!





Actually  i have fun story behind this picture… or at least all food picture….

Okay first , we really hungry when we come here. We order food as soon possible , but the food really TAKE A LONG TIME. So we decide to order another thing from sushi bar..

and TADAH….!!!



We really forget to take picture. Who care we really hungry together!!! Eat first thinking later. HAHA

Beside meet them for first time , the other think its special is , if you realize im show my self with my glasses. Its real glasses not fake , yeah my eye is not good so i wearing glasses. But seriously i really often hang out wearing glasses i always wearing contact lens , but because my contact lens get problem so i must wearing glasses , i dont have any other option. HMPH…

But for seriously ,  i think its not that bad wearing glasses this time , so yeah like usually my selfie…

Excuse my selfie pleasee…. HAHA





So glad i have awesome friend like that , i can share everything with them without worry. And beside them i can be my self , talk whatever i want , laugh together. No more sad

Come back home its really awesome and still the best. Whenever i am , for me home still the best thing for me. But if my home should gone , i just home people around me is not gone. Home for me is the place with person i love no matter where i am , if i have person i love which mean its home.

How about you? What are you think about home? What home mean for you?

Golden Week

Seriously is first time i know term of Golden Week. We dont have something called golden week on Indonesia. Its my first team hear that name.

So what is actually golden week , simple. Is holiday time , but you still get pay even holiday. Is really famous public holiday on China. When golden week? Golden week is on 1 oct which mean today! What happen with today? Why today? No other reason because today china national day which mean 1 oct is China birth day. Dont ask me how old China has been , i really dont have any idea…

I have something like this in Indonesia , we called Hari Kemerdakaan. At least in this time , almost all citizen have ‘party’ for get freedom.  I will explain super short what we do on our birth day country. If you student even is holiday you must go to school for ceremony independent day , if you work at government you go to office and ceremony independent too , and if you work for another company  JUST REST!

And every house at Indonesia must set our flag in front of our house , and its old culture some of our people still do and some of no we will paint again our house to made kind of new face of house

Beside that we have something we dont ever to forget , when ceremony finish we usually made event , we race with each other for some traditional game. Is really funny , when i was child i really like race balap karung , makan kerupuk , etc (seriously i dont know how to explain to english , is kinda Indonesia name which be weird to explain to english)

When im child i really like all race on 17 Aug , but hate the ceremony. Still until now.. But at China is kinda quietly , they dont have ceremony at school or same event. Is like normal holiday day. I dont know if they actually have ceremony or no. Dont have any idea for that

In the end im holiday now , until next week. Ahahaha National day China , we get 1 whole week holiday , at least for me student i get. I dont know if worker…

Enough with boring story about golden week , china national day , etc. In other day before i get culinary day with my beloved best friend Jotha.  Because is holiday today i just get change for full blog.


We decide to come to Ciwak , because wanna watching some movie. I dont use to go to Ciwak , i more like PVJ for one and other reason.

But because only at Cinema 21 this movie airing , so we dont have any choice come to here in early morning i think around 10 am. First we plan to watching at 21 primier , cause Jotha never ever try watching at there , but maybe we dont have lucky , okay not we but her. Our film we want to watching already gone from primeir , so we decide to buy the normal one.

Must be curious right what we watching!?! Is The Immortal Sound , and i late to came!

How came? I will tell you…..

Cause we craving for eat , we dont have breakfast cause we plan to have breakfast at Ciwak , so we decide to get breakfast , even i cant said is breakfast we eat around lunch time… Decide go to new korean restauran at Ciwak.

Jotha already try eat here , but me is for first time , cause when this place open im at Shanghai. I really feel amazing when im come to here. Design this place is not kidding. Is cool , i have picture but dont have any idea is gone…

Impress with their place but not their food. Dont know why , i can said their food is not good at all. I mean for that kind of price around 4 until 8 box , i get average taste , i dont like!

Our food we order that time


Is kind of package of kimchi rice with cheese and have same snack. Jotha said is good but ehm… i dont think is god enough. Anyway i think it will be super awesome cause many of my friend said this place is awesome but dont know why i dont really like this place




Our bingsoo! Is freaking good i think , but the portion is small. Normal bingsoo have big protion LOL


In the end i dont feel satisfied with all. I more like Myonga than this one. Cause i feel dont feel satisfied , i mention to Jotha lets eat japan food which sure good. SUTEI!!!

Okay im kinda rich at that day korea restaurant for luch and sutei for dinner! LOL

Our sushi we order that day , dont ask about name i dont have any idea what name of this food





Im feel super satisfied with all sutei food! REALLY! VERY SATISFIED!

Beside… im feel crazy like octopus , is very salty! I dont know since when sutei octopus salty like that , dont like laaa… Realy salty is not good.

Ah i forget mention something i really made me really down! Ginger , i really want so badly ginger sutei , but what i get?



Where my lovely pink ginger ?! I already asking to their staff they said they only made something new. Something new is good , but if taste different what point!?!

Korea food and Japan food in same time , seriously we really rich that time. Ahahaha Im feel satisfied with all food we eat that time , forget about being fat for a while laaa

Tasty food with Good Friend is the one of the best moment in my life hoho….

And lets get same selca together!






Feel weird huh i dont have any single picture of selca. I feel weird too but i searching i dont have any selca that time on my camera ( I have on my ponsel).

Some info about me laa..
I sudenly like sashimi , and already 1 week i eat salmon everyday. Dont know why im became such a big fan of japan food , i never like japan food because is raw. But because people around me like and they teach me how to eat sushi with good and right term im official became sushi fans laa! Hahaha so proud of that! Cause before when my sister or my friend asking me to eat sushi i just watching them eat , but now i can eat together with them!


I think i will made more post day by day. *sigh*. I dont have many think to do , beside came to school , come back home and do nothing! So i will made some activity which mean blogging  , and other stuff like that. So maybe i will update my blog more often.

Welcome to my boring world!

Even yah its boring , im still enjoy what i have been done until now. This moment , i dont want to regret because i know in future i will be super glad because i ever to past kind this moment , is not good moment , but not horrible too!

So…. Past week ago (before im leaving Indonesia) , me and my beloved friend Jotha decide to date together, only us! Ahahaha , how so sweet we are right? Basically i accompany her to hang out at new place for her. So we decide go to Fabrick. Since i want to wi-fi do some survey and looking some good food.

Our messy table



Cih! Ugly finger


Since i know more about what good stuff at Fabrik , i who decide what we order. Since my lovely friend who have limited brain give to me for decide which food good , so yeah we choice to buy burger and chicken! And she like!


Black burger we order that time. Super big , and weird. Just wonder how can bread come with black color. I dont want to have bad think about yeah since is weird and unusually i try to introduce kind of this bread to my beloved friend.

Actually i ever to eat and see something like this at Shanghai , but in Indonesia honestly is my first time looking bread come with black color , maybe some of you will feel crazy looking this burger , but seriously taste is same like normal burger. Is like bread , normal bread laaaa



Because is too big , and we just wonder how to eat. She , Nemo decide to eat big burger with her style. Wonder how she eat big burger with her style. Like this…



*sigh* I dont know if anybody have ever try eat burger like this before. But seriously is kinda stupid and i dont feel like im eating burger at all. Okay i try hard to imagine im at burger . but yeah the fact i dont feel like im eat burger at all if im eat with her style.



Other think we order is chicken. And she , Nemo really like it. Me too! Server with big portion and price is not bad is worthy to try laaa


And i get milkshake coffee that day. Not special at all.

For me , im like fabrik. They have good food , good place and with nice price. Not expensive laaa… But for some part i dont like fabrik because their service. You must wait for long time for get your food. But yeah the rest is good. They even have special even on tuesday (if im correct) you can order bir only 1 box , is quietly cheap buy bir with that price at Bandung.




Beside talking about food we share many times together. We never stop to talking when we meet , just wonder why we became like that. We always something to share with each other and im enjoy hang out around with her.

Even she not perfect best friend in the world , maybe the baddest. But who care!?! She is my best friend and i proud of that!

One of poem i meet when we came to fabrik toilet. I love this poem


Stupid friend.



She dont have any idea i take her picture







Last my selca , i just only have one selca in that time. Wonder why


I never ask to have perfect best friend , i just wanna ask to God , protect our friendship forever. Even she not perfect but i wanna be her best friend until we old and die